Strange shift behaviour for そのほか

When I type そのほか it shows as ぞのほか even though the shift key/lock is not pressed. I think this occurs for a few other kanji responses. However, usually this works as it should. I am using Firefox and have the MS Japanese IME installed.


SHIFT makes it katakana. ぞ is typed as zo whereas そ is so


Here are the steps I would try out to locate the problem:

  • If you have any userscripts, I suggest you disable them altogether, and/or try enabling Script compatibility mode.
  • Switch IME to direct input, try to disable it
  • Try another browser and/or device

Is this in WaniKani? Or do you mean like if you type that anywhere in your computer with the IME?


In case you didn’t know, you don’t need an IME to use WaniKani, in fact it’s probably slowing you down if you are using one, since you have to press Enter twice to submit an answer. WaniKani’s answer box already converts your normal keys to hiragana like an IME does. I only say this because you mentioned the IME, you probably do know this already but just in case.

Either way, it sounds like a weird bug, I’m using MS Japanese IME too and it’s not happening to me.

(Realistically, ‘z’ is pretty close to ‘s’ on a QWERTY keyboard, so it could just be a typo, I know for sure it’s happened to me a lot of times before)


No I am typing そ not ぞ and no shift keys are on. This happens only in Wanikani and only for some responses. I think this only happens for an initial そ。

Just to be clear, you don’t type そ or ぞ when using wanikani, you type “so” with your normal keyboard, without Japanese IME. (Or if you have an IME installed, in romaji mode).

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I have a standard US keyboard. So I type “so”.

I have Microsoft Japanese IME installed, but I am in ENG mode when typing.

Is there an autocorrect from the IME somehow @ it learned an incorrect spelling?

This has nothing to do with shift


Look like this has been fixed. Nothing has changed at my end. But その他
now correctly inputs as そのほか。

Thanks all.

I doubt they have fixed anything. This just means you now type “so” instead of “zo”.


Obviously they released an update that now puts OP’s fingers in the right place on the keyboard.



You guys are out of line. I know which keys are which.

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