Story from Japanese Notebook ネコと人のれきし

I bought a cat notebook to practice writing sentences and I found a story about cats on the inside! It says nothing about not reproducing it, so I figured it might be fun beginner reading practice. If you’re level ten, you should be familiar with all the kanji and their readings. :slight_smile:

ネコが 人にかわれるように なったのは、
今から 5,000年ほど前*で 、
ネズミから 大切な食べものを まもるために、
かいはじめたと 言われています。
おそろしいびょう気を まきちらすので、
人に大切に されてきました。
大切な本を ネズミからまもるために
日本でも むかしから多くのものがたりや
かわいがられていたことが わかります。
外国のネコが たくさん日本に入ってきて、
色々なしゅるいの ネコがふえました。

*諸説ありますthere are various theories.
I preserved the writing style from the story as well as I could. The only major change is that the story/history is written vertically and no horizontally. Edit: Sorry, the biggest change is probably that I didn’t include the furigana. I don’t have the script for it.


Fun little bonus!

Typos, probably:

I think this should be まもるために




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You’re right about all of these :sob:
I’m going to guess that transcribing written things would not be a good job for me :joy:

I think it’s telling that all the typos were towards the end of the lines aside from しゅるい which was straight up because I couldn’t tell it was smaller.

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What word did you think it was, though? Or did you not try to understand it all before typing it out?

For your information, it’s more of various *opinions/theories.

Is the * a typo? Just wondering.

Putting all that aside, thanks for the story! It’s really interesting. :slight_smile:

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I thought it meant that there are different theories both about when people started keeping cats, and when they came to Japan.

It is a cute story. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Ahhh, I misunderstood. I’ll change it. that makes a lot more sense[quote=“Jonapedia, post:5, topic:47962”]

Is the * a typo? Just wondering.

Nope, it’s included in the original :slight_smile: either at work or when I’m not cleaning, I’ll take a photo

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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Thank you! :smiley:

I’d love a photo, but I think I understand why it’s there. Thanks @Belerith for explaining! I didn’t realise it was just a footnote. Hahaha.

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Lol, I missed this comment. I read the whole thing normally once or twice, but when I was transcribing it, I didn’t read it, I mostly just checked that the shapes of the characters were the same, which I didn’t do a good job of clearly :joy:

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