Kitty Detectives! Week 14 Discussion 🐱

Pages 140 - 149

Story 3: にゃんにゃん大行進

Start Date: 3rd February
Last Week: Solution Part 2


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We’re reading to the end of the book this week!

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Loved the ending and really enjoyed joining you for the third story. Will be going back to read the rest of the book.

Thanks @Radish8 this was such a slickly run book club!


Hear, hear!


Aww thanks guys :blush:


How on Earth did Kuroboshi manage to find the truck without Hanae holding his hand?


Come now, he can’t be entirely incompetent - he made it to the rank of inspector! and presumably the truck wasn’t particularly hidden because the thieves didn’t actually want to permanently steal / cause the horrific deaths of dozens of cats, so that might have helped :grin:


Some tough sentences on the last page…

Help please


ねこはねずみをつかまえると、when the cat catches the mouse
主人に - The landlord
はめてもらいたくて - Is this 嵌める? A few very different meanings… I’m lost. But it’s with もらう (to get somebody to do something) and たい (want to) with conjunction
みせにくるそうだけど - came to the store, I heard
、これね - is this right?

I think it means something like “When the cat catched the mouse, he got the landlord to let him in, is what I heard, right?” The part with 主人 really trips me up.

“They said it (the truck) was full of cats without a caretaker”

“The 10k Yen Participation Award (you/I?) wanted”, “the person who catches the stray cats”, “crowd of people exist”?
No clue how to get this into a working sentence…

“Because they’re cute looking, you wouldn’t take them into your care, I wonder?”
Or something like that? I’m really bad at making sentences.

Also even more cats!


It’s ほめて = 褒めて = to praise, to admire. But good job recognising the conjugations - ~たい often trips people up. :slightly_smiling_face:

When a cat catches a mouse, he goes and shows it to his master because he wants to recieve praise - this is that.

Because they wanted the 10,000 yen participation prize, there was a whole crowd of people who just went out and caught a stray cat.

かわいそう = pitiable. And yeah, this is one of those cases where Japanese uses a negative to mean a positive. “Won’t you take them in?” sort of thing.


Oh wow, I got the word completely wrong.

Haha, yeah it’s one of my favorite grammar points. I’m happy whenever I see it in the wild or on BunPro. xD

Yen sentence: Okay again off the mark by a lot. I don’t know why this sentence is that hard. Is there anything that makes it particularly harder? Or am I just not making the connections?

I think I get this negative positive thing most of the time quite easily now it sometimes needs a lot of brain bending.

かわいそう = pitiable - Hah, I was searching a grammar point where there’s none. I should have checked if it was one word.

Thank you! :blush:


Or probably “without a claimant” - i.e. there were lots of cats on board that no one came to claim after they were reduced. rescued!


Well, for starters this is ~て as “because”, which is comparatively uncommon. Plus, the comma after が makes it a little bit harder to recognise that it’s 人が大勢.

What, exactly, are you doing to these cats?


Ohhh, that’s very informative, thankies.

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It was a lot of fun to read this again!
Thanks to @Radish8 for running this book club!


I loved the ending, especially the bit about Hanae taking in all of the neighbourhood’s stray cats :joy: I hope the Wan Wan books are just as fun :dog:



But I'm also angry about

the people taking in stray cats just for the contest money and then ditching them after it was all over :rage:

Wow, this is the very first book I finished from beginning to end together with the book club while it was running! I’m sad it’s over :frowning: but maybe we’ll see each other again for the wan wan books? :smiley:

Thanks to @Radish8 for running this club and taking care of vocab sheet! Also thanks to everyone for answering questions and helping out!


I’m actually kind of disappointed we don’t get to see what happens after Hanae’s shop is overrun with cats :sweat_smile: like, will she genuinely take them all in? Will she set up a rescue centre? I saw an article the other day about a bookshop which has rescue kittens roaming around in it (they effectively foster kittens from a rescue centre) - more people come to the bookshop than might because there are kittens to pet, and the kittens often get adopted by people who come along to read in the bookshop. Plus, the kittens get really good socialisation!

Also sometimes I hate being an adult! If I’d read this as a kid my reaction would have been “OMG SO MANY CATS I WISH THAT WOULD HAPPEN TO ME”, whereas as an adult I’m like “that is a wildly unrealistic scenario that will end with dozens of extremely stressed out cats injuring each other - not to mention the smelliest bookshop you’ve ever encountered” :grin:

In terms of the ‘case’… For me, this was simultaneously the most entertaining story in the book, and also the silliest. Like, holding a cat contest in order to round up all the cats in the neighbourhood, because you’re worried your courier rat might get caught en route? Really?! That’s ridiculous on so many levels I don’t even know where to start :joy:


Heh. My first thought even before that was how well-behaved are these stray cats to even go along with being put on the truck, much less not disappear in a cloud of hair the moment the person lets them go?

Start with it didn’t even work, because there was (at least) one cat left out, and some how the mouse gravitated right to it. Probably helps that the hideout was two doors down from the bookshop.


Hooray, and here we all are at the end.

I think I get the meaning of the following sentence, but I did find how it was put together a little confusing:


So, the truck loaded with cats was discovered, huh?

I have seen だが as “but / however” as a conjunction between two phrases - but apparently it can also be used as a conjunction where a phrase is left unsaid in the same way as English - “Well, I suppose I could do that, but…” That’s well enough. But the placement of ゆべ and the comma where they are feels super weird to me. Relaxed word order language indeed! I also struggled a little with 引き取りてのない猫, which I thought should be something closer to 引き取られない猫 until I realised it was actually 引き取りのない猫.

I’d like to again renew everyone’s thanks to @Radish8 for a wonderfully run book club and helping me read my first book in Japanese. 手伝ってくれてありがとうございます。

p.s. regarding the aspersions being cast on 黒星けいぶ’s abilities, having looked at his size on the last page compared to Hanae, I am now sure he is one half of a “two-children-in-a-trenchcoat” team making it actually pretty impressive he did as well as he did.


This was your first book?! おめでとう~! That’s awesome ^^

Thank you for making me snort-giggle extremely loudly in the middle of my office :eyes:

I have reached a point where I place absoluely zero faith in Japanese commas. They are not to be trusted.


Having gone back and read the previous stories I’ve now finished the whole book! Thanks to everyone who posted comments.

I’m not sure we ever found out why the title of this book has the word おひるね added? Although I think we all know which character it refers to!

This was an enjoyable read. Catching up on the old comments I was reminded again how beautifully well organised it was by @Radish8, and I enjoyed the grammar points you brought out in the early weeks. Thanks again for all you did in making this book club happen.

See you all for わんわん in April! :dog: