I did it! I finally burned one of the turtles! aggggggggh

I burned my first turtle. This feels so good; I WANT MOAR!

sumimasen for the shitpost

edit: On an unrelated note, does anyone know an extension or script that makes On’Yomi readings show up in Katakana? It’d help with practice since I still have to think for a few seconds on certain characters (fuck you so, n, tsu, shi, te, and chi) and can’t read Katakana as fluently as hiragana.


Congrats! :turtle:
Do burned items leave your review queue for ever, or do they still come back, just very rarely?


They leave forever unless you choose to manually unburn them.

Edit: Also, congratulations muffinman. Burns do feel really great. They make it feel like you have really accomplished something.


Bonus points if you use the golden burn script so you get a nice screen full of gold when you look back at old levels. Congrats though!

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Didn’t know that was a thing but am definitely getting it now.

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You’re looking for [Userscript] WaniKani Katakana Madness.


Thank you!

Aw man congrats! I’m still waiting for mine. That big pile of enlightened is teasing me right now!

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