Stone synonym

Pardon? :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok I’m not actually mad but I do think this should probably be added as a synonym by default, no?

Another source taught me いし as rock, so that just makes it worse for me :joy:


You can always add a synonym, also @Mods perhaps something to add to the allow list?


Hmmm yes and no. The problem is that “river rocks” are actually “river stones” if you’re collecting them by hand. 岩 would be a rock, 石 a stone.

EDIT: At least how I would see it.

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The Shogakukan Progressive JE dictionary includes “a rock” in its definition for 石 (subsense 石ころ), but it marks it with 《米》for “US usage”. As a UK English speaker I think that’s being a bit conservative; although I’d probably more likely say “a stone” I wouldn’t feel “a rock” was obviously a USism.


We are collecting these kind of annoying near misses in [Feature Request] Collect some stats about users' incorrect answers - #162 by HotAirGun, and the WaniKani content team periodically takes a look and reviews the suggestions. I’d say this would fit right there.



I feel like there are times that ‘rock’ and ‘stone’ are synonymous in English but maybe that’s not the case in Japanese?

I actually meant to ask where would be the ideal place to report this and I forgot. Thank you!

As I mentioned, another resource taught me いし as “rock”, so… one of them is wrong :joy: I guess one day I’ll find out which

Thanks! Added to the allow list :rock: