Stepping away from WK for a couple days 😰

i know it’s not the worst it could be and it will almost definitely get worse when i’m at higher levels but it’s still scary


Don’t worry, just don’t let it scare you. Sometimes I stockpile a lot due to work( other real life things comes up), but then I just make myself a game that I’ll do it until I make 5 mistakes. With this I’ll just forget how much I have to deal with for the most times. Other times just do 50 at a time and move on. Just remember it’s not a race. The community here is very nice so if you get stuck or burn out there a few threads covered those. I wish you good luck on your journey:)


you can always activate vacation mode to stop reviews from piling up!


I actually really like when I have a ton of reviews to do. I took a day off from WaniKani and don’t plan to return until after work tonight, when I will have 98 reviews to do. It’s really relaxing just to have a nice playlist going and hack away at it for a good 15-20 minutes.


I like the reorder script for going through review piles of this size since it allows me to split it either by type or level. Like, I’ll tell myself I’ll do all the kanji reviews first and take a break after that, then do all X-level reviews and so on. It’s just a matter of breaking it down into manageable chunks and working through them one by one. I usually don’t get more than like ~150 reviews per day right now, but I’ve seen higher level people who speedrun WK say they get 200 review piles regularly, so… best to learn how to deal with those early on. It’s not as intimidating as it looks though.

I don’t think anyone in this thread has said this, so… (take this with a heaping of salt)

In my opinion, the best thing you can do going forward, whether you’re speedrunning or taking the slow route, is to do your reviews often, 2-3 times a day. The smaller gaps reduce the strain on your memory (and thus reduce frustration with WK) because this way the SRS timings are more accurately reflected in reviewing. Try to do at least one session per day; this is even more evident in the higher levels, where you can easily get 672 reviews in a day by doing only a hundred or so the day before >:(

Oh, and get the reordering script. It’s great for these situations — don’t abuse it, though. Personally I think if you have a huge review pile you might as well sort by level and type, but if you do this outside of exceptional circumstances it can actually affect your memorization by making the item level a factor in your memory; as anecdotal evidence, I’ve done this before, and when I stopped, my accuracy tanked.

Don’t forget to do your reviews, kids, or the Crabigator will find you and… make you sit and do your reviews! (Wait, what were you expecting??)

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