890 reviews to 648 in 8 hours... coming back to WK

Coming back after god knows how long , things piled up beyond control during uni… I reviewed 8 hours today and still have alot more ahead of me. posting this for some motivation or tips. With this avg time i’m looking at approximately 22 hours of reviewing before I can catch up… my gawddd .


Welcome back :crabigator:


Sometimes I feel like there should be a time and/or review count threshold you can set where WK just turns on vacation mode automatically.


that’s a great idea actually

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I just emailed them about it in case it’s something they want to consider.


I had this happen as well. I had about 600 reviews pile up and it felt very overwhelming. What I ended up doing was I would dedicate an hour every day to do about 100 reviews, then I would put my account on vacation mode until the next day for another hour chunk. Doing it that way made it feel a bit easier because I didn’t continuously have additional reviews pile up while I whittled away at the big stack I had already.

By the time I finished I had a little over 300 apprentice items which resulted in a fair bit of reviews to do every day. I just kept telling myself it’s fine and every day when I had spare time I just kept doing the reviews and after about 2 weeks I brought it back down to about 50 apprentice items and now life is normal again.

Just remember that it’s not a race and just do as much as you can in your spare time without burning yourself out. You can also always reset a few levels if you really wanted to. I personally wouldn’t recommend it because I did it once in the earlier levels when I first started wanikani and I regretted it because I found that I actually ended remembering a lot of stuff and it felt very annoying to have to do the lessons all over again. But that’s just my personal opinion, I’ve also read stories from people how they reset and were very happy they did, so you just gotta take the route you feel is best for you.


u could turn vacation mod on now everytime ur not doing wanikani, that from now on they arent coming back while ur doing first ur pile. Maybe u should reset fw levels when ur accuracy is very bad.

This is such a good idea!

I actually got buried in a pile of around 700 reviews twice. Both times I just chipped away bit by bit, day by day… just whenever I had the chance.

Both times, it spilt the levels up drastically—a solid portion, but less than half, would go back to apprentice and the rest would enlighten or burn. Just the right amount of encouragement to get me through bringing everything out of apprentice.

I can’t exactly recommend doing like this, but I actually enjoyed clearing my piles in a slow and steady way (except for the times when I would get 10 wrong in a row and just rage quit :sob:) . It was so satisfying to start lessons and level up after properly catching up :relieved:

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vacation mode? I’l check it, exactly what i need to hear. Thank you, I didn’t know there’s an option

It’s true - I feel like if you blink, the reviews multiply geometrically… I just hit the point where I am starting to burn things, which is great! but as someone pointed out, it does increase the workload by another 30%. I went from typically under 100 reviews daily to 120-150. I went on a real vacation - and set it to vacation mode at the point where I had about 400 reviews piled up. I wish it would let you chip away at some things slowly while in vacation mode, but it does not allow any access at all. 150 is at a level that I don’t always do all of them every day. The only way to control the flow is to limit the number of lessons you are doing. I have been doing zero new lessons most days for awhile now until I have a better handle on what I have done so far. It has helped.

I feel like a short 5-point tutorial on “how to manage a healthy review load” would also work :smiley: . Including vacation mode.

The thing is, Anki has all these features and it’s really easy to manage review loads with it.

If you had reviews piled up, you could turn off vacation mode, do a couple, and then turn it back on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: