I never thought it would happen to me

This seems insurmountable. I’m not sure what to even do about it.


Don’t do any lessons and take it a bit at a time. They’ll go away.

I just came back recently after like a year hiatus to a similar number of reviews, at level 42. At our level, you’re probably used to doing 200 or so reviews a day anyway. If you did that pace, you’ll have burned knocked back to guru all of those items in a couple weeks.

Its manageable. It’s not nearly as bad as being in one of those situations where you have 2000 lessons.


If you do a hundred twice a day you could clear them in just over a week.

If you can use a reorder script tackle them level by level type by type which might help you break it down into more manageable chunks.

You can do it!


There was a point when I came back from a break and had about 1200 reviews. Maybe it’s just me but I kind of enjoyed the grind. Obviously, don’t do the lessons. Just think of it as taking a break from progress and learn to love the grind!


Similar situation, level 19 but I got 600+ reviews. :sweat_smile:
I got it to 200 last week but back slided cus of school. I have been on this level for the past 3 months. Gotta get myself back into the game.


Lots of good suggestions here to tackle it 200 per day and be done within a week.

Personally I would set a 1 hour or two hour timer and just go through as many as I could, it will be frustrating though if you have been away for a while and so can’t remember a lot of them but getting them wrong is good in that case because SRS will kick in and you’ll be able to re-learn them again.

Honestly, only you know how many you can tackle at a time, but trust me it’ll feel like a relief seeing it go back down to 0~ so if you can, knock-em-out! :grin:


I will add that spreading them out throughout the day and utilizing the wrap-up button to do 20 or so per hour so that you can flatten the mountain vs creating several medium-sized piles later on. @WaywardStrike

I actually forgot that they’ll pop up again in the future in the same / similar sized piles. So yeah… maybe doing a large amount in one go (as I would have done!) would be a mistake :rofl:

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I would agree with the rest of trying to do about 200 per day until you are caught up on reviews. I will add that spreading them out throughout the day and utilizing the wrap-up button to do 20 or so per hour so that you can flatten the mountain vs creating several medium-sized piles later on.

Remember, you got yourself to the point of having that many items over a long period of time. I am nearing 2000 items in my queue and it does not feel like I have learned that many items.

Set yourself up on a routine and whittle away at what you have. You will probably find that even though it looks like a lot, you will be able to manage it.


You got this, I recently came back to WaniKani after neglecting it for 2 weeks straight. Had about 600 reviews due, took me two days, but it seemed way scarier than it actually turned out to be.


I second the suggestion for Reordering them by ascending level. You’ll systematically work through the reviews and also prioritize the ones that come back (because you should expect to miss quite a few reviews at first - this is ok, it’s to be expected) rather than having them drown in the pile and exceed their interval yet again.

I wouldn’t expect to work through this in a week. I’d assume at least 4 weeks of 200 reviews a day, but you can totally do this!


You got this :call_me_hand: Two weeks at most :wink:

I just came back to WK after nearly a year of inactivity, ~2200 reviews piled up. I just slowly chipped away at them for a few months and they went away.

I would suggest making a goal each day to decrease the total number by X number of reviews and don’t be too hard on yourself when they re-accumulate. You’re going to get a lot wrong, which is going to regenerate the total sometimes as fast as you’re decreasing it. My goal numbers varied day to day because of this and depending on the amount of time I had to commit to WK. Overall just aim to have the number lower at the end of each day and you will eventually get it back on track.

Agree with using reorder as well.

Despite going through WaniKani at near full speed for a long time, I will second the notion that trying to get through a backlog of 2000 reviews in a week might be a little bit over-ambitious. Doing a batch of 200 reviews after months and months off can take HOURS as you will often feel like you don’t remember any of the items you’re looking at. It’s not at all the same as doing a stack of 200 recently-reviewed items while on a roll of 7 day levels. Trust the process, get a ton of them wrong, and take your time.


Good God, and I thought having a couple hundred reviews was enough!

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It is not.

Hit and run tactics.


Suggestions, feel free to ignore.
Go on vacation mode now!
But keeping doing reviews everyday (you go out of vacation mode before the reviews and then go back to vaction mode after the reviews).
Do reviews in small batches.
You accuracy is going to fall no matter what but don’t worry.
Don’t even think about doing lessons.
Don’t use any re-order script.




So this is what I should be expecting?

…I’m actually super excited…

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Just gonna bookmark this thread for when this inevitably happens to me…

Well I am also trying to ignore my 1000+ reviews but am failing miserably :pensive::pensive::pensive:

this happens when you take a long break without activating vacation mode, yes. but if you do your reviews daily, you won’t ever see that kind of thing

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Yeah, such things can happen…
My worst was 2600+ reviews… And I actually managed to get through it without a reset (had already done several resets by that time and was tired of resetting).

My advice would be this - if you feel up to it - start tackling it. Don’t try to do them all at once, do some fixed amount of reviews per day. And don’t worry if your accuracy won’t be high; make notes on items you fail, so that next time you’d be able to find them.

If you don’t feel up to this - then a reset might be a good idea. Not necessarily to level 1 like I did, but to level you’d feel comfortable. But in the worst case scenario, even level 1 reset would be better than eternal contemplation of this pile of reviews and trying to build up the courage to start doing them.
The important thing is to start moving again.

Anyway, whether you’d be able to do it without resets or would do the reset, I wish you best of luck. If even such a clumsy cat like me can do it - so can you!