StatKani - Data visualizations for WaniKani

Thanks for the detailed write up! :slight_smile:

There were a couple of timezone related bugs that I found and fixed, so I think that should solve all of your issues. Please let me know if everything works as expected now.

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Where Dec. 28-30 would be on the 2021 page is now blank, but Dec. 31 is still showing up, with 0 reviews, and my current and longest streak still say 285.

End of 2020 looks correct now, though.

Hmm, those issues aren’t showing up with my account, so I’m gonna have a hard time finding the issue without access to your data. Do you mind sending your API key to so I can root out the problem?

Happy cakeday @nanyaLang


Thanks! :))

So my lessons did get added to the locked count, but it still shows 100%.

Also, happy cake day!

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Oh I forgot my most-always-wanted: aggregate stats.

You would need people’s permission for this maybe, but it would be anonymous so maybe enough people would agree. I know I would.

What’s the most frequently-missed kanji/vocab reading/meaning? That might actually help us pinpoint less-effective mnemonics and suggest better ones. And warn me that certain ones are “hard” and need extra attention.

How’s my accuracy compared to the average user accuracy? That would just be for curiosity.

Anyway, that kind of thing.



Also fixed!

So, there was a bug that only affected people in the Western Hemisphere…took a while to figure that one out. Should work now :+1:

Thanks to everyone who sent me an API key :slight_smile:

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That sounds interesting. If StatKani gets enough users to make aggregate stats viable, I’ll definitely look into it further. Thanks for the idea :slight_smile:

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Oh man, I’m so excited to check this out more when I’m at home on my computer!! Love to see those funky little graphs!! :partying_face:


There we go. Thanks for all your effort.

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Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for all the hard work!

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The items page is now up and running! :partying_face:


Looks awesome! My one locked item is not showing on the dashboard (there’s a 0 in the grey section of the donut).
As for the percentage indicators, it might be nice to give people the option to choose whether to show the percentages for learned, passed or burned.