Starting over again

Has anybody else started over? I made it to level 2 and then took a year break due to procrastination. When I came back I forgot everything. Looking to go a lot harder this time around.

I got to level 60. then reset to level 6, and now I’m here.


I knew that you reset from a very high level, but didn’t know you got to 60 :open_mouth:. What made you want to learn 海, 曲, or 国 again? Any tips to prevent that from happening for us noobs? :no_mouth:

I reset shortly after getting to level 60 in just over a year, so I hadn’t really gotten rusty or anything. But it was good practice.


You got what us Finns call Sisu. Mad respect. :smile:

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Why 6? Seems kind of random

To prove a point


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