Starting from an advanced level

I had used wanikani a number of years ago and recently have decided to come back to it to help with my kanji study. I’m only level 3 and plan on buying a subscription if this is possible.

I’m wondering if I can either A) start myself from a higher level or B) just do a ton of lessons until I advance. I’m just using this as a review tool for the JLPT N2 test and prefer it to anki.

I’d say I’m semi-fluent in japanese in that I attend a college taught entirely in japanese but my kanji ability is severely lacking.

I’ve checked out some of the third party apps that use the api as well but in terms of learning new kanji and etc I think the wani kani base system is better suited for me.

Thanks in advance.


Nope, sorry. /: SRS is about waiting a bunch.


thanks, that’s about what I’d gathered from checking the forums but I thought I’d ask.

It’s a great system but not really what I’m looking for I guess.

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You could always use something like Kitsun to just study a deck of vocab tailored to what you want.

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There will be some waiting, but there are users who have reached lvl 60 (that’s 2048 kanji) in just over a year (not sure what sort of timeline you are hoping for). If you implement the correct reordering userscript - can’t remember which one - you could skip all the vocab lessons (they’re there to show other readings for the learned kanji, but you may feel they are not necessary).

People have started using WaniKani as advanced learners before, but there’s a max speed that anyone can possibly go.

If you already know all the basics, that makes moving through those early levels quickly all the easier, since it’s just about having the time for it. You don’t have to do much mental lifting.

But if a year in total is not fast enough, then, sure, another resource will work better.

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