I need help studying the latest level, and less of the other levels!

Hi hello. i really need a way to study only the current level to level up to where i’m supposed to be, instead of having older reviews building up blocking off the new reviews. as i don’t have time for hundreds of old reviews per day thankyou ;-; I am pretty well immersed in Japanese, however I do need an organised way to study or learn more kanji. I’m pretty far far behind on wanikani and catching up at this point seems like an absolute nightmare, but i do like how organised it is.

Pls help me if there is an addon or something to which I may only study the kanji/vocab on my level. tyty

As far as I know there isn’t any way of blocking reviews. Since everything is SRS based however, providing you’re not constantly getting them wrong, you shouldn’t be seeing the older stuff much after long anyway. I’m not sure why you’d not want to review the older stuff anyway unless you’ve already learnt it in the past.

I suppose what you can do is go slow on the new lessons, and eventually you’ll get less of the old reviews.

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I already know the older stuff, since I use Japanese a lot, although I do get a lot of reviews wrong by mixing up the reading it wants, or my english not being the best. Otherwise my motivation for wanikani is for learning kanji, which is my biggest concern at the moment. (I’ve probably learned more kanji outside of wanikani at this point that it seems fruitless to continue)

If you want to go fast and not see older items, or skip stuff you already know, then perhaps Wanikani is not the tool most suited to you, and that’s fine. However, you should ask yourself whether you want to learn well or learn fast.


For typos and the like I recommend to install the “Ignore answer button”. Saved me a lot of frustration, like in cases where I typed the reading instead of meaning accidentally.


Well, it’s good that you already have experience with the language, but there is no way to skip anything. Depending on how much you know, you may soon be learning plenty of new kanji and vocabulary, and really fast if you can keep up with it. Take a look at the next levels’ items to get an idea for when that’s going to happen, that might help you decide if it’s worth it or not.

Whenever the review re-order scripts get stable again, you could install one of those and just study the newest stuff first, and dig in to the rest of the reviews later in the day. Wouldn’t recommend never getting your review queue to 0 though, because then you won’t ever burn the old stuff, so it’ll be crazy back-log forever.

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