Can I only start from level 1?

I have already studied Japanese at school for a little over a year without a SRS tool, after finding WaniKani it seems I have been at a disadvantage for not using one! I already know most of the lower level words and kanji so is there anyway to start from a higher level or do i just have to do all of the lower levels again to be able to access higher levels? Any help would be greatly appreciated :smile_cat:

Yes. <t(=_=t) Screw you 10 character limit>


There’s no way of skipping levels as far as I know, and even if there were, I wouldn’t recommend it. The vocabulary taught is based on the kanji you learn, so even though you may have already studied Japanese before, you can’t guarantee that you’ll know every single kanji/vocab taught in the lower levels. Also, you wouldn’t be able to skip past level 3 anyway, since you need to be a member to access the levels after that.

I’d say it’d be a better idea to stick it out. It’s much better to take your time and have a solid foundation then to rush and miss key information.

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Thanks for the reply! Well if that’s the only way then I guess I will stick it out. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long to progress.


I joined when I knew about 500 kanji, so it took about 4 months before I started seeing completely new stuff. But now I’m at about 1450… And I definitely wouldn’t be if I had quit WK.


4 months :tired_face: I’m around 500 now so it looks like I will be in for the same ride as you were.

@lazypuddle, since you might find the first few days slow going, go to the forum category for API and Third Party Apps. I suggest you read about userscripts and in particular, the Ultimate Reorder and Ultimate timeline userscripts. These userscripts can help you plan your next review and level up in minimum time. If the variety of available userscripts is overwhelming, try Mempo’s list of userscripts.

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Yup, as others have said, you can only start at level one.

However, there are scripts that allow you to move as fast as 8 days per level (more or less).

See, WaniKani levels you up based not on general items but radicals and kanji alone. So if you use the scripts thst @wunderbunny suggested, you can concentrate on learning just those and levelling up super quick to catch up with your “real” Japanese level.

The disadvantages to that is that once you catch up to your level, you’ll have a massive backlog of vocabulary items from previous levels (because you will have only studied kanji and radicals) so they’ll probably take a while to clear. But if you don’t mind, or don’t care about vocabulary, the re-order scripts will be godsent for you.

All of that said, I am in a similar position to you… I knew around 800 kanji when I joined, but decided to slog through it precisely because of the vocabulary. Even when I knew most of the kanji there was loads of new vocabulary that I found as useful and important. WK works for me as a whole, but perhaps you want to try the scripts and see what works better for you!

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You don’t need any scripts to go at the minimum of 6 days 20 hours, especially if you already know all the content, it’s pretty easy.

Often requires you to get up in the middle of the night, though. I mean, i do reviews whenever they pop up if i’m not sleeping or doing something that requires my full attention, and i average out at around 7 days 15 hours per level.
But yeah, if you’re dedicated enough, it’s definitely possible.

Well, yeah, that is unavoidable. Scripts won’t impact having to get up at night.

But to be clear, as long as you do your main lessons quickly, you’ll probably only have to get up once or twice during the week to remain on target.

You could write a script to automatically do everything for you as soon as they come up. Don’t know of one existing already, but its totally possible to do.

Shh, don’t give away my secrets.

Noooo, @Leebo, I know you’re not a fraud. Which reminds me, I had a question yesterday that I wanted to specifically ask you and now I can’t remember what it was… Hmm… I’ll get back to you on that, I guess.

OP, going through kanji/vocab that you already know will at least get you familiar with the system and how leveling up works. You can get yourself into a routine. That way, you already know what you’re doing and will hopefully have made good habits by the time stuff you don’t know comes around.

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Thank you. This seems like it’s right down my alley!

I’m not too worried about the vocabulary it’s basically all we get taught at school, all vocab and no kanji. :sleepy: Hopefully I can finish a level in 8 days so I can move on to learning the kanji I don’t know yet at a faster than normal level with what you guys have suggested. Thanks for the reply.

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