SRS Listening?

So I was thinking since we already have a kaniwani site for recall, why not a listening comprehension one as well?

I have heard a few things about the audio not being available via the API, Is this one of the reasons why it hasn’t been done already?

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What did you have in mind for SRS listening comprehension?

What would the questions look like?  How long are these segments to be SRSed?  What is supposed to be learned?

For SRS listening comprehension to be completely in line with the vocab taught on this site. 

So not Sentence Listening Comprehension but Vocab Listening Comprehension to be concise.

There are no questions, Just a sound is played and you write the meaning of the word in english.

What is to be learned? Well listening is a whole other ball game than reading comprehension, If you want to be fluent you need to be able to 
recognise the words when they are spoken, that is not what wanikani teaches you to do. 

If you go check out how kaniwani is setup you’d understand the sort of setup which would be appropriate for a Listening SRS.

EDIT: Where would the audio come from and what vocab? well I answered that above in my first sentence.
Audio from wanikani and vocab from wanikani, potentially using the API.

Audio isn’t listed by the API, specifically so you don’t pull them as the creators of WK would like to keep ownership of them.

There is an extension/script that can turn WK into this particular form of learning I believe, which can probably be found in the third-party/API stickied thread.

It would be nice if it was apart of the API, although the probelm with the extension/script would be that you’d have to choose listening over reading, can’t do both :<br>
Do you think they’d mind if you pulled them for only personal use not redistribution? Maybe I’ll message kouichi

Sorry for necroposting, but did you have any luck finding a good listening srs source?

The closest thing I’ve found is japanesepod101’s flashcards with just “listening comprehension” selected, but it’s not synched with wanikani at all.

Dunno if it still works…

EskimoJo said... Dunno if it still works...
 It doesn't seem like it's doing SRS, but it's a great start. I'll try that for a little while alongside the jpod101 cards... kinda works for this …

opifer said... kinda works for this ...
 Once you enter study mode, if you click on the cog wheel then go to Quiz settings, you can turn all the other types of cards off and just study with audio. I find that it is mostly audio anyway though.

This could be interesting. I’m all for something like this but I think it would need a full sentence for context. A LOT of words have the exact same pronunciation as other words. I don’t know about everyone else but this is why I have trouble when I read things that are written only in hiragana, like in children’s books .
Using JLPT practice tracks definitely give more context to what’s going on but then that does stray from SRS capablility. And then who’s to say that people won’t just remember the rest of the sentence and not the words themselves. Though that isn’t necessarily bad either, haha. 

Good luck with your search! :smiley:


I’d just use delvinlanguage

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NathanHind said... Sorry for necroposting, but did you have any luck finding a good listening srs source?

The closest thing I've found is japanesepod101's flashcards with just "listening comprehension" selected, but it's not synched with wanikani at all.

Anki is always a good option.

You could try my Core 10k Anki deck. I've uploaded a version where everything is suppressed except the Audio Comprehension cards. Give it a shot and see what you think.

→ [Complete 10k Comprehension]

Late response:

In regards to the Anki 10k Deck, I’ve completed the Anki 2k using the listening sentence cards.

I want to comment that after completing this small(ish) deck, I found myself able to listen to so much more conversations. Not just real life conversations but also some simple dramas.

Can confirm, have been using some core something k since I started studying Japanese over a year ago and my listening comprehension score is way higher than the other categories.

As boring as pimsleur is… it is srs learning.

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