SRS is useless without an "I made a typo" button?!

That is a fun fact. Maybe this isn’t all moot after all!

EDIT: WK is too slow also edited out??? HYPERSPEEDMODE incoming???


I hate that moot has 2 meanings that are basically opposites to each other.

Unless you’re American.

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I had no idea. This is so valuable! I’m always typing in something like “Dawn” for “Sunrise” (which to me are identical concepts) and getting the dreaded Mistake response from Wanikani. It’s hard enough to learn Japanese without trying to remember a restricted pallette of only those English words that exactly match their short list.

hah, for that one specifically i added a synonym. i feel you

I agree that a “undo” button should be added (and should have been added long ago - from the very start).

I personally think that the “well what if people cheat” excuse is silly. Those people are only hurting themselves and that should have no effect on everyone else.

All other SRS programs that I am familiar with (Bunpro, Kitsun, Iknow, etc.) all have this feature and I have never once seen anyone bring up the issue about what if people cheat. It has also been really helpful in making sure “known” items are moved forward in the SRS system, instead of being moved back in the SRS system (by an accidental typo).

Heck I would like to use the feature to “Undo” answers that have been accidentally marked as correct. There have been a couple times where I have gotten an answer wrong, but it was marked right (it was close to the correct answer, but was really incorrect, but the system still thought I got it right, when I actually didn’t) and I would like to be able to undo those and get the answer wrong on purpose, so that it comes up again faster.

I know the “Undo” button is my most wanted feature.


I’m using Flaming Durtles on Android which lets me undo and customize my experience. I wouldn’t be using WaniKani without these tools because the bare website is unusable for my objectives mainly due to lack of undo and lack of reorder.

I believe that there’s also a third party app for iOS, although I know nothing of it.

The “what if people cheat” is really silly since it doesn’t impact other people’s experiences. It’s not like it’s a competition or like Wanikani is some state-sanctioned diploma.

If people want to pay $200 for WK and then cheat their way to level 60… let them.


Things have apparently progressed to the level that “WaniKani fortune telling and conspiracy theories” are an official thing now.

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To be completely fair, “what if people cheat” is not the reason why WK has never implemented an undo button. The real reason is: nothing. They have never given any reason. That’s usually their attitude: if you want this or that feature, you can develop your own userscript; we won’t develop them, but we won’t tell you why.

WaniKani is really the Apple of the Japanese language learning community.

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Can’t be, 檎 is not taught.

But they do have this mnemonic for 枕:

As he hits you with his pillow he makes a demand: "Give me your Mac cooler (まくら). He wants the device that cools down your Mac computer.

Yeah there is an app on iOS. It’s called Tsurukame and it’s the only way I found to use wanikani in a decent way. Without it I wouldn’t bother.


In my situation, no undo works great for me:

  1. I wouldn’t trust myself not to abuse it
  2. My goal is to read/type Japanese. I don’t want to be making typos when I do that, so it’s good that wanikani matches my goal.
  3. I like that wanikani makes all the decisions for me in how I should be learning. I want to spend the little time I have learning Japanese, not spend time working out how to setup how to learn Japanese.

I am happy with these things they do though

  • misspelled vocab passes
  • meaning vs vocab mixup
  • typing the vocab when they want reading, gets you to type again.

Totally understand if people have other goals they would want other things. Horses for courses.

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I understand where you’re coming from and understand it is helpful for you to not have the “undo” button. I know I’ve seen a couple of other people respond similarly as well, that they just don’t trust themselves to use it correctly.

However, that being said, I feel another person’s will power (to not abuse a feature), should not limit/affect/or prevent others (myself included) from using said feature.

We all aim to spell things correctly, but even in our native language(s), typos occur often. I am honest with myself and know I would use the feature as it’s intended to be used. That’s why I’m advocating for the “Undo” button to be added. I think it adds value to the user base and think the positives outweigh the negatives of having access to the feature.

Is not having the feature a deal break? Of course not, I personally feel Wanikani is the best kanji learning resource available and I don’t even think it’s close. However, I do want to give helpful feedback to the creators and help improve the resource for myself and others.

As of now, when I get a typo (that triggers an incorrect answer), I add the misspelling as “synonym” to try to cover a future typo, but that is just a band-aid workaround.

The “Undo” button would eliminate these types of errors.


Do you use tsurukame on ios? because it has most of the useful scripts already attached and works great :smiley: Check it out!

Maybe they are willing to do it now since they pissed off so many people for taking away the summary pages.

Same. I don’t use any scripts just the Tsurukame app. Without Tsurukame I just wouldn’t probably using WaniKani either.

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If they add it some people will cheat their way to 60 and then complain that this system is not working and a time waste… Humans…