Sports Kanji Quiz

It was a slow period at work today and prompted by a conversation we had, my coworker decided to make me a quiz about the kanji of sports. It was pretty interesting and fun to do so I’m writing up the questions and answers for you all to try too!

The Kanji hints are what I wrote (these are words he knew I already knew because of our conversation) and the Japanese ones are the ones he wrote for me.
** Are words on Wanikani.

Basic hint: 球=Ball

  1. 野球 (やきゅう)**
    漢字ヒント: Field + Ball
    Answer: Baseball

  2. 蹴球 (しゅうきゅう)
    漢字ヒント: Kick + Ball
    Answer: Soccer/Football

  3. 籠球 (ろうきゅう)
    漢字ヒント: Cage + Ball
    Answer: Basketball

  4. 撞球 (どうきゅう)
    漢字ヒント: Thrust/poke + Ball
    Answer: Billiards/Pool

  5. 卓球 (たっきゅう)**
    ヒント: これは今でもよく日常的に使う漢字です。
    漢字ヒント: Table + Ball
    Answer: Table Tennis

  6. 庭球 (ていきゅう)
    漢字ヒント: Garden/Court + Ball
    Answer: Tennis

  7. 排球 (はいきゅう) The pronunciation might be too big of a hint. :wink:
    ヒント: このスポーツを題材にした「ハイキュー」という漫画が人気です。
    漢字ヒント: Anti + Ball But think more like “rejecting” the ball.
    Answer: Volleyball

  8. 闘球 (とうきゅう)
    漢字ヒント: Fight/war + Ball
    Answer: Rugby

Bonus: アメフト(アメリカン・フットボール)= O球 (Oきゅう)
Answer: 鎧 - Armor- がいきゅう

And here was my go at it.

The last question was me writing an answer and then him giving me another hint, then writing an answer then hint, etc. Took me 5 tries, haha.
(And yes that’s my drawing of a football player. He kept saying look at the entire uniform not just the head lol.)


Then immediately gives it in the unblurred hint.

That was fun! I missed tennis and only understood the point of the bonus question when I checked the answer (I thought I was still supposed to guess what sport it was and was very confused that it was obvious)


I made a similar thread a while back. These kinds of words are pretty interesting.


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