Spoon Radio

After months of YouTube ads shoving it down my throat, I finally decided to check out Spoon radio last night as I was going to bed. Anyway, I couldn’t listen long before I got to sleepy, but it was fun to just listen and put together the pieces I could understand, and I ended up searching a couple words/grammar terms I didn’t recognize. There seems to be a hefty amount of content, and it’s all freeeeeeeeeeee.

As someone who has become tired of most anime, and who spends a lot of time commuting and enjoys podcasts, I think this is a great way to introduce more intentional listening practice into my daily life!

So, let’s get a share thread going of favorite clips/series? Does anyone else here use this?

Edit: here’s a quick background on the app.


That’s pretty cool! I’d like to give it a go – I downloaded the app on my phone but I can’t find a way to set it to Japanese lol

Ooh the app might be a region thing :sweat_smile: but you can always just use it in a browser

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