Downloadable podcasts!?

Hi guys,

I know this has been spoke about a lot before but I genuinely can’t find any downloadable Japanese language podcasts! Despite trawling through all the previous messages on here on the subject and doing a fairly elaborate Google search! I can find lots of online ones but I specifically want one I can download to a memory stick and play in the car in mp3 format. Podcasts hosted on the Apple store and the like are fairly pointless as my phone doesn’t plug into my car stereo and therefore can’t really be heard over the engine noise.

I wan’t to be more immersive in my learning and I want to listen to - albeit as basic as possible - Japanese language podcasts. Not Japanesepod101 or anything geared towards language learning… just straight up Japanese convo!

Does anyone know of any downloadable podcast links?

Thanks in advance!


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You can pull the files from the Music folder on your hard drive if you download the podcasts using iTunes on your Mac or PC.

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What about one of those things you plug into headphone jack, that then transmits audio over an FM channel? Used one in old car, and worked alright.

Yeah, I could do that… There are other issues though. I use maps on my way to work and that needs to be on screen. Also, I don’t want to be messing around with my phone mid journey if the podcast finishes or I want to hear something again. If I plug in a stick I get steering wheel controls. I’ve tried listening to stuff on my phone before but it just doesn’t work without endangering myself and others and driving illegally!

Is there a CD player in your car? I have been listening to the Genki CD on repeat in my car.

I no longer have any hardware in my house to rip CDs!

Maybe take a look on Spotify? I don’t know any specific podcasts is Japanese, but it’s the place I’ve been going to to listen to podcasts…

Wait, are there seriously no Japanese podcasts with RSS feeds? I find that hard to believe…

Recently I’ve been trying to find downloadable podcasts too!!

Of course, there’s hikibiki. You can download all episodes and they are quite long (1 hour to 1.5 hour). It’s just a guy and a woman talking about random things, though all episodes are divided into themes, so if you check the title you can find the ones that interest you most.

Then I found this one, where 4 women from Osaka(? at least they speak in Kansaiben a lot) discuss random topics. Episodes are around 15 minutes long and downloadable.

And there’s this one where a woman talks about work and love, sometimes both. I haven’t listened to it yet, but they seem downloadable at least!

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Amazing! Thx so much for the info!I knew there must be some out there.

Downloading some of these for the commute tomorrow, as we speak!

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Google “ポッドキャスト” and go deep into the results.


I believe with Podcast Republic you can download whichever podcasts you want. You have to play them in their player, but it’s decent. Just set your country to Japan and you can listen to whatever Japanese podcasts you want, and download if necessary.

edit: totally missed the part about wanting them on a memory stick.

I’ll leave this here for reference though.


Fool on the planet is very good and you can download the mp3 direct.


This looks fun! What do you like about it? :smiley:

Haha. Amazing where a bit of katakana will lead you! Down the ウサギ hole!

I like that there is a lot of male speaking, most of my interactions in Japanese are with females and one tends to pick up ‘cutesy’ habits from how they speak. I also like that it blocks out the noises of the guy who sits next to me in the office who eats like a pig and thinks loud bodily function noises are acceptable :persevere: 頑張る


I see! That’s a really good point. I used to only listen to hikibiki, which has both a male and female speaker, but since I started listening to more podcasts I found most of them have female speakers only (at least the ones I listen to).

I hate it when people eat loudly😱 I hope the podcasts will kill the noise lol


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