I need listening practice, quick!

Does anyone know of any apps for Android that are good for listening practice? I don’t want “lessons” per se, preferably podcasts, casual conversations, etc. Anything I can have on while I’m working or exercising. Thanks in advance!

Just google whatever you’re interested in. There are tons of podcasts out there on Youtube or iTunes for example.

Why does everyone on this damn site require everything to be handed out to you. Go out there and search for stuff you’re interested in, start reading, listening and watching whatever interests you. If you’re into tech stuff, go search for tech stuff, if you’re into gardening, go search for gardening. If you don’t know what something is in Japanese, search for it on jisho or google translate.

Have some independency in your language learning for crying out loud.

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I asked specifically for android apps. Why are there people on this site that feel the need to be a dick to someone asking for a simple recommendation? If you don’t like the question, don’t answer it.

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Sorry I got hung up on the whole "…that are good for listening practice? I don’t want “lessons” per se, preferably podcasts, casual conversations, etc. Anything I can have on while I’m working or exercising. "
Because that read to me like you’re looking for a podcast/material and not a podcaster app.

For podcasts there are quite a few alright apps for Android. I’ve used TuneInRadio, Stitcher and Podbean.

Oh and forgot to mention Podcast Addict, it let’s you add Youtube videos/playlists to it and just stream the audio which is fantastic since the Youtube App is utter garbage for “just listening”.

Podcast addict is great. Thanks! Sorry for calling you a dick.

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Nah, my answer was very dickish and on top of that misdirected at you, and I apologize for that.

I still stand by it though, I’ve noticed that most people on WK are expecting too many answers and everything to be handed out to them. They’re completely forgetting to do what they themselves find interesting and missing out on the experience of discovering new fantastic things in the Japanese speaking world. The best way to learn is to do stuff that you yourself find interesting, that gives you the energy and passion to continue pushing yourself forward and keep you learning more.

Good example of discovering stuff was about 2 years ago I happened to find out that my all time favorite band, the pillows’ Sawao Yamanaka had his own podcast. I hardly knew any Japanese and still listened and enjoyed the crap out of it. Nobody on WK could’ve possibly pointed me to it.


Good point. I have friends that i can speak and listen with but we share very different interests so its hard to get the motovation to meet up with them (theyre also much older). Thanks for the advice!

For podcasts I am partial to

Bilingual News
A young man and woman discuss whatever they find interesting in recent news. Often comes down to science news and politics. The man speaks mostly English while the woman speaks mostly Japanese. It’s one of my favourite podcasts, I just love the hosts.

Discussions and interviews about anime, completely in Japanese. Hard to understand for a beginner, but you get used to it with time and as you learn.

New to this one myself, but I’m really liking it. It’s basically two people, a man and a woman, speaking about whatever, it seems. Last ep was about yoghurt. It’s entirely in Japanese but the hosts speak quite clearly and not too fast, so It’s an easy listen.


This makes me want to search and see if Hyde has any such thing… or just interviews with Hyde… since I love his voice…
… Thanks for inspiring the idea, namste!

@anon56736432 - I haven’t actually listened to anything from it yet, but it was recomended because of the few other Japanese learning apps I have on Play… there’s an app literally called Japanese Listening Practice. It downloaded hours and hours of things to listen to into my phone. You could check that out too.