Is voice controll possable?


I was wounding if any one has found a way to answer wanikani by voice?

I think it would be great to also help rememorize vocab through speech. by phone I can click the mic and use the google translate but It would be more fluid if could just talk and not have to click.

Any help pointing me on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.


I don’t think it’s possible really. You have voice recognition software, so you can use something like Google input for the meaning part, but for the reading, you’d need a voice input software that outputs hiragana and not kanji, which I haven’t found yet.


I used this for a while and then it broke after an update and I didn’t bother investigating.


Thank you, I will check it out.

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Thanks for mentioning my tool!
It definitely works today. There was a rough update in the past that may have broke things temporarily, but if you uninstall and reinstall it should work again.


Well I’ll be. I stand corrected. That looks awesome.


That is awesome. Looking forward to using it. I figured I was not the only one who wanted this. Thank you for the hard work.


yep, that’s one of the hard parts. There’s a ticket for google voice API to support outputing kana, but haven’t seen much progress on it.

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Hey Miko
Do you know if there has been any progress on outputting kana yet?

no, but why do you ask? LipSurf has gotten very good at decipering kanji into kana, so it wouldn’t make a big difference at this point.

It would actually make a great difference as LipSurf is producing kanji when I need it to be in hiragana output for the other three apps I mentioned to you in email.
Namely, BunPro, KaniWani and KameSame
(Actually it’s mainly needed for BunPro as BunPro will not accept kanji input)

I would also like to use Lipsurf for BunPro.