Does vocab impact on level?

Hi, quick question - do you need to have vocab at guru or anything before levelling up? Or could you actually just do radical and kanji lessons, review them until guru, and still level up? It’s not something I’m planning on doing but just wanting to know how vocab plays a role in the levels.

Also, if you don’t guru all vocab before you level up, does it just continue into the next level? Could that essentially mean I could reach level 60 but still have a buttload of vocab to catch up on?




Vocab has no direct impact on leveling up, only kanji does.

Some people reorder so vocab lessons come last (I do that) and then never end up doing vocab (I do NOT do that—don’t do that!) and then they… uh… I dunno. Regret it, probably?


It does continue to the next level, correct. Not sure whether it then shows up on top of the new lesson pile, however.

You could theoretically use the reorder script and just do kanji and radicals, but since vocab is designed specifically to reinforce kanji reading in compounds (words and phrases), skipping vocab would be detrimental to overall progress.

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It does continue to the next level, correct. Not sure whether it then shows up on top of the new lesson pile, however.

With default behavior, it will give you the oldest levels first. Not sure why anyone would what to do this differently.


I do it differently to keep to one level = one week. Or that was the case until recently anyway—now I’m on the levels that can be finished in less than a week, so it’s more like 4-5 days on those and my beautiful schedule is ruined. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can see where doing it differently would be beneficial or even necessary with that being your target.

Doing vocab along with the Kanji it belongs to helps reinforce the Kanji as far as I’m aware, so it’s 100% worth just doing it in the order that WK gives you.

I’ve heard of people being a level or two levels behind on the vocab, but for me personally I’m in no rush to get to level 60 so I think it’s better to just do the lessons in the order that they’re given.

I imagine Koichi and the team have a reason for the lesson order and I wouldn’t want to impact that by changing it to “Kanji & Radicals” only. :smile:

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I hope radicals dont impact on level up because all the time I am forgetting radicals from level 1 to 10 lol

Yes, if you use userscripts or mobile applications to reorder your lessons.

Doesn’t impact it, except if you never guru a certain radical, you could be missing out on a lot of kanji that use it, which might eventually mean you won’t be able to reach 90% kanji on a level. But I assume you mean that you sometimes fail radicals you already passed once before. In that case it doesn’t impact anything except workload.

You could even reorder so that you don’t even do the kanji to the full 100 percent, and skip the radicals on the final levels as well. If you want to do the bare minimum :wink:

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I’ve seen interesting posts resulting from people skipping vocab.


Thanks everyone! :heart:

Vocabulary also serves to teach you alternate readings for most of the kanji.

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