Spare app to review Kanji using WK API

Hi Everyone,
I had a look around the forums and on google and couldn’t find anything, so here goes.

I’m looking for an app/website where I can plug in my WK API, and then it will randomly give me Kanji to identify. I’ve seen Kanjiroids, and it seems cool, but half of the time it doesn’t work.

So is there anything anywhere that may meet what i’m looking for?

Thanks in advance!

This is not quite what you ask but maybe it is good enough.

You may configure the self-study quiz script for quizzing kanji.

Here is how I would proceed with the configuration.

  • Go in the settings.
  • In the Settings tab create a new preset with the new button.
  • Rename it to kanji using the Edit Preset Name field.
  • Then enable the Item Type filter and set it to Kanji to get kanjis in your quiz.
  • Then enable the Level filter and set it to 1…+0 to get kanji from the levels you have studied. Without it you will be quizzed on kanji not yet studied. It is important to place a + before the 0. A plain 0 won’t work.


In the Settings tab set the Maximum Quiz Size to a sensible number. If you don’t do this you will be quizzed on all kanji at once. This will quiz you on a selection of kanji.


I believe that Flaming Durtles has a variety of review options for your WK vocab/kanji


Thank you both, I really appreciate the help!

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