More audio news. We have open sourced the old vocabulary pronunciation audio!

Hello again Durtles.

Earlier I had announce some upcoming pronunciation audio additions. A few have asked what would happen to the pronunciation audio we are replacing.

Well… I can now finally answer your question.

We have open-sourced the old pronunciation audio under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International license. You can find the audio in Github under tofugu/japanese-vocabulary-pronunciation-audio.

All 11,000+ 6,000+ of the old recordings can be found. You’ll find the audio available in mp3 and ogg.

Use it to your heart’s content, but respect the license.

Happy Kanji Burning!


On a totally unrelated note, I have recently released a compilation of over 6,000 Japanese vocabulary audio files. Only $3.99. Sorry, no COD.


Thanks Viet, very cool!

But can I just say how nice it is that the announcement panels have X buttons to delete them?


As a fan of a clean dashboard, I strongly second this!


it’s here! :heart_eyes:


Hooray! This news is fantastic! Thanks Viet & Co.!

I see a businessman right here (or a criminal)


This is great! Thank you.
I tried putting all the files together in an audio track and subsequently a video track.
My goal was to make one long-ass video that played the Japanese audio accompanied by the written kanji on the video (all in Japanese). That way I could listen to it on my way to work and stop the video whenever I needed to check my answer.
This would help speed up my listening recognition of words. I often hear words in real life that I know I know and I can read easily, but by the time I’ve recalled the meaning I’ve already missed the next sentence!
I figured the least tedious way to do this with around 6000 audio clips would be to use an app to automatically hard code the filenames of audio clips (as they are so neatly named already) to video renders that are spaced out by 2 or 3 seconds.
Easier said then done.
Ended up using ImageMagick, FFMpeg and a bunch of copying and pasting batch scripts in the command prompt but eventually gave up. Not my cup of tea. Perhaps an Anki deck with the new audio files would have been an easier approach?

If anyone out there is able to pull this off, or if there is already something like this (preferably organized by level) it would be greatly appreciated!


@Pep95 @neicul I think it’s potential for your further development (ideas). The beauty of stroke orders from jisho, combined with native audio for my burnt leeches deck on Kitsun. Mmm … dreamy! Though I’m not as addicted to SRS as @jprspereira. So I don’t think I’ll be able to always test it thoroughly and quickly like he did (if my dream becomes reality one day). Also, I may not keen enough about the license so I may tag @Naphthalene as well here. :woman_shrugging: Eagle eye helps. :eagle:


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What is this?

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Can’t wait to check that out coach.

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It’s about time! :smiley::+1:

My recommendation was to continually duplicate any announcements any time someone clicks the “X” but I guess people don’t listen to me anymore.


Do you want me to make a script for that?


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You forgot to offer Papa to also email 'em everytime the announcements duplicated.