SOS plz Somebody help me with shipping

I am at my wits’ end. I hate how Kuroneko works with Line and I wish they would just let me open the ifxufituglFSudujfog website in Chrome.

Which button do I press to link my Line to my Yamato account? I already have both but they’re not linked and it won’t let me link them in a real browser.


Today I have learned that Yamato’s Line buttons are useless. They just take you in circles. If you actually want to change the delivery time, you have to find the hidden keyboard button.

Mission accomplished? Accounts maybe linked.


Glad that you managed to get something working (probably?). ^^; (sorry I couldn’t help. I just had no idea about this stuff >_>)

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No worries. It’s just a lot of Japanese websites use jpegs or otherwise make their text impossible or very difficult to copy and paste, so it’s frustrating just to figure out what they’re saying. Yamato in particular kept rerouting me and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong due to the issues previously mentioned. Even if you had been able to help, it might’ve not worked just because of the weird rerouting.