I can't see the boot and guard radicals

There’s no 堇 radical for me here, it shows on the Flaming Durtle App but now on my Windows 10 PC.

Is there a font I need to install or how do I fix that?

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Well that’s just odd. It’s only the “boot” radical you can’t see? The rest of them appear just fine?

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I’ve checked every radical on WK and the boot (34) and guard (17) radicals don’t show up, even if I copy and paste them in Google, Windows etc. They’re invisible.

I can’t replicate that issue on my end but I HAVE noticed it looked like it was in a different font than the other radicals I’ve seen. It always looks more sharp around the edges. My theory is maybe those are part of a Chinese only set? Since I don’t believe those radicals alone are anything in Japanese, as for why you’re having this issue beats me. Sorry I couldn’t be anymore help besides it’s possibly a font issue

堇 was pastable for me. I don’t know what else would be different since I’m using W10 as well besides I have the Japense IME installed.

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