Not sure if this is technically a bug

…but the Guard radical (兑) uses the Unicode character which isn’t part of the Japanese character range, so if you only have Japanese fonts installed (i.e. no other CJK fonts), the character won’t render.

Again, I’m not sure if this is technically a bug, but it took me by surprise, at least.


Some radicals are only available as SVG images. They should still show up, though. If they don’t show up, there’s probably something in your adblocker or proxy/firewall settings that’s preventing them to download. Let’s ask @viet or @oldbonsai


On the web app if the radical doesn’t have a defined unicode the app renders a png. We do have SVGs, but we haven’t implemented it yet on the webapp; the API v2 returns the information though.

This issue isn’t related to SVG/PNG since the concern is using unicode outside the range of Japanese unicode characters and us expecting the user to have fonts installed covering the Chinese and Korean unicode range.

I have initiated discussion internally.


Ah, I see. I totally misunderstood the problem.

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