Solving Crosswords for Fun and Profit

Proof that @Belthazar has at least four thumbs…

conspiracy confirmed…:sunglasses::turtle:

Oh, I’m pretty sure all of my fingers have appeared in these photos at least once each. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You heard it here first! Suspect accepts charges!

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28-down イオウ
which reinforces my suspicion that 29-across is オワビ
Which means 33-down is ワカ

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Thinking perhaps 19-across is ミズヨウカン

I’d say it ends with ン anyway, because I’m quite certain that 35-down is something-ビン. Maybe just as simple as ユウビン?

And 23-down is チーズ
14-down ユドウフ (I had that in Kifune :slightly_smiling_face:)
15-across ウルチマイ (Honestly had to look that one up - I’m not well-informed on all the rice terminology aside from 稲 > 米 > ご飯)

I‘m also pretty sure it‘s ユウビン.
And wow, learning more possible words for rice :laughing:

Ok, so this time I’ll try to restrain myself and only do a few at a time. :grin:

13 across ウサバラシ
12 down イドウ?
30 across ノシ

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1 down カナモノ
9 down ミカン
25 across ムネアテ

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Ah, of course. This is one of those ones where I could basically see the expected answer, but my Japanese vocab is not strong enough to come up with an answer.

Which makes 24-down ラム, which is a crossword answer that’d literally only work in Japanese. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure about the rest of the word, though. Think 27-down has to be トシナミ

How about ムナモト

More findings:

2-across ナンド (thus 8-down is イン)
27-across トウヨ
34-down ショートヘア, but I’m not too clear on why the clue is negative
31-across ドア? Seems too easy.
32-across … マユ?
31-down … … … ドラマ?

Are we gonna alternate taking two hours to solve a crossword with taking two months? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yea, I thought it was asking what male hair usually isn’t but maybe I’m misinterpreting it.

A couple more long shot possibilities:
10 across カイフク?
26 down オオダマ?

Well, give me a couple more days to use the answers you just posted to figure out some others and then we can call it quits. I don’t want to get too carried away by this thing like the first time.:upside_down_face:

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9-down ミカン
21-down クサリ
22-across リストラ
26-down has to be クスダマ
17-across イサク (but both of those kanji are in the clue…)
6-across ガクフ (lurking in the corner, still incomplete)
Think 16-down is サイカイ
Which means 10-across is カイカク

And done. :grinning:

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First move:
6-across サンタ
10-down ロクオンキ?

Thinking maybe 13-down has something do with イロハ, but I’ve really got no idea.

22-across: キノジ (so it works with 28-down)
14-down: メシ?
15-down: マワシ
28-down: タカラクジ?
30-down: ノウ

I made too many changes (changing the picture’s size), so I was locked out of editing. :slight_smile:
Apparently it’s that the images are too big (or something). :joy:

Also, in general. Me, while answering the easiest ones:

Edit #42:
Apparently adding images by using Insert > Image > By url, adds the images in a reasonable size.

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I was reading Haruhi, and her hair is described as ロングヘア. With that in mind, I’m now starting to think the meaning of this clue is because ショートヘア is explicitly a women’s hairstyle. Men’s hair is expected to be short, so it doesn’t have a name. And indeed, doing a Google image search for ショートヘア invariably shows images of women (or, at least, I think it’s invariably - one or two are a little hard to tell).

If your brain is the thickest part of your body, you’re doing something wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s ドウ
Which makes 7-across ミキ
6-down サミット


5-across バクハツ
31-across ウシロ

I went with fattest, as in most fat, not thickest. According to some internet searches.

For 1-down, ひさかたの appears to be a poem of some description - possibly one of the 百人一首. I assume ももしきの is also, but I don’t know what to do with that.

13-down イロハウタ. Duh.
4-across トロロ
17-down ツタ
11-across オウタイ
21-down イキドマリ?
8-across トリシマリ??

1 down マクラコトバ
1 across マグレ?
9 down グンテ
19 across フォアグラ
34 down ランカン
32 across リカ?

edit: 12 down レイ?

edit: 14 across メザマシドケイ
33 down コケシ

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Why? Like, what do the words in the clue mean?

Think you’re over-thinking this one - グラブ works just fine, and has the added advantage of making 3-across ラブ

2-across クライマックス
(which makes 27-down アス)
29-across クルマ? Because there aren’t any trains?
32-down リサイクル
(which makes 28-across タサン)
25-across ガラクタ
35-down タマムシイロ (I don’t really get it, but it fits)
(which makes 33-across コシ)

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Words in the clue didn’t mean much. The answer was in the page you referenced. :grin:

ひさかたの 日・空など天体に関する語にかかる枕詞(まくらことば

edit: 16 across ワカイ
19 down フツカヨイ

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