Solving a shiritori puzzle and writing the words in kanji (video)

I’ve been using a shiritori puzzle app and figured I’d make a video of solving a puzzle, and then to make it a little more interesting, also try to write the words in kanji. I wasn’t able to write all of them, so I learned something new!

(Sorry for the poor audio, haven’t gotten my mic out of storage)


Nice work.

Interesting to finally put a face to the name and occasional voice. Not really what I was picturing, to be honest.

Though possibly I was picturing a husky.


Oh, you didn’t catch my other face appearance videos I guess.

I did wear my husky polo shirt


I saw! Very on brand!
This was a very interesting watch - particularly the analysis of what words the kana actually represent and how they’d be written in kanji. For me ゆき - snow was such an obvious choice because you start with cloud. It’s called priming (leading the brain into a certain answer/conclusion by supplying a context that’s not necessarily relevant). And 熱帯 was not a word I knew, but one that I can read once it’s in kanji - very satisfying :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t mind you doing more of these on video…

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Yeah, it’s funny how the lack of context can blind you.

I would like to make more (and improve the set up so I spend less time just fiddling with stuff).

I like that it can combine low and high level content.

I was picturing spider-snow. Like this:


Neither 雲雪 nor 蜘蛛雪 would have surprised me. There are way weirder words in Japanese.

That was a fun video.

Also, TIL you can replace a kanji with another with the same on’yomi to make a derogatory version of the same word =._.=


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