(solved) Translation help! Found kanji on my socks!

Hello fellow nerds. I found some kanji on my socks, I can recognise some of the radicals but not the whole and I cant find it on the interwebs. Please help :smiley:

So the first kanji is: (fortune?) and the second is with a on top/inside (its the last one i cant find).

What is my sock trying to tell me?!

You think it’s Japanese and not Chinese? Just curious because usually the answer to “I can’t find this kanji” is that it’s not Japanese.

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good point, I havent thought of that possibility :slight_smile:

Still wonder what it says though… any thoughts on where to find the answer?

Running it through google translate in Chinese gives the translation as lucky

So these are your lucky socks! Congrats!

This: Character dictionary - MDBG Chinese Dictionary ?

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So, you’re walking around with kanji on your socks? THAT’S DEDICATION MY FRIEND!


Thank you for the link @acm2010 (gotta bookmark that one).

So my socks wish me “luck” ! How kind of them :smiley:

Good idea to check what is written on your stuff before you walk around in potential “explosive diarrhea” socks :wink:


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