[solved] Reviews are showing wrong "kind"


Trying to do reviews, but it’s telling me it wants the reading, but shakes as though it’s wrong.

回る, says “Vocabulary Reading”, I enter “まわる”, but it shakes as wrong.
Or for some other one it asks for the meaning, I enter it, but it shakes as wrong. I turn on the Japanese keyboard and enter the kana directly, and it accepted it as correct.

It sometimes asks/expects the same thing, but seems about 50/50 that it asks for/expects the wrong thing.
I could kind of guess my way though, but since you can’t paste in normal “english” when it asks for the reading (since it auto-converts it), I can’t actually complete all my reviews unless I keep refreshing the page and hope it asks for and expects the same thing. x.x

I have no user scripts enabled.


This sometimes happens when you have another review session or lesson session open in another tab. Did you have another tab open?


Ah yes, I do have one in a “session has timed out state” in another window - will try again now…


Yep that fixed it - ty. :grinning:


No problem!