[SOLVED] Dailight savings shifted reviews 2 HOURS back?

Not really a bug but I cant figure out why it happened.
I did my Radical Apprentice II reviews yesterdays at 7pm so with DST I expected them to fall at 6pm today… instead they’re at 5.
(btw I know about the one hour window thing)
Is it weird or am I just missing something as per usual?
idk, I’ll just do em at 7 anyway since it works better for me on the weekdays.

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I think Apprentice 2 -> Apprentice 3 reviews are always 23 hours, so in this case 22 hours would be normal.

Uh… did not have a clue about that.
That’s actually kind of handy, this way if I ever mess up my schedule, I can fix it when I get the next A2.
Thanks for the heads up!

I wish it had delayed my life by 2h, definitely.

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