Reviews fear

Hello, this is my first community post! I just wanted to share my scary looking review timetable for tomorrow…



Right…Well you did cause that many reviews to happen…so…


That’s one intimidating table :flushed: Do the following days look similar, or is it just this one day?

Whenever I have these situation, I purposely do only 100 reviews so that 200+ doesn’t just come back again later :sweat_smile:… cause it will. it will.


It’s not that bad :wink:

If you do a review session in the morning, noon, and evening, that’s only around 50 reviews per session. You can then let the rest roll over and do the same thing again.

That should smooth out those times.


If you are actually concerned, you don’t have to do them at those times.

You could decide “Ok at 2 pm I’m going to do a bunch of them” and then start staggering them again at a more manageable pace.

Just keep in mind that they’re likely to be at different levels e.g. apprentice, guru, etc. So they’ll pop up in a similar fashion again possibly. If that happens again, you can let them build up and do them in another manageable chunk.


thought my 150-odd reviews waiting for me in the mornin were scary, but the number 2 be even scarier… maybe i should be doin this staggering thing the others be mentioning to prepare :japanese_goblin:


It’s more of a scheduling thing for me. I can’t really get an entire hour of uninterrupted time, so 3 twenty minute sessions throughout the day were much more manageable.


Yes. Do it. Avoid the potential for burn-out that following the above review forecast pic likely entails.

how many apprentice items?

I have 150 reviews a day keeping apprentice below 90.

It’s just that one day thankfully!

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I’m not sure, but I did recently pass to a new level so it was most of them!

that’s looking pretty scary but take it slow and you’ll get through it!


Just spread the reviews out over the day if you can. On busy days I sometimes even do them every hour so manage the workload a bit.

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