So...How do levels work?

So I’ve reached Level 6 a week or two ago, but when I look at the wkstats it says that I have 0 days 0 hours for “time on level”. I assume I’m still doing the rest of the Level 5 vocab before I reach the Level 6 radicals? Why does it do that, I wish I knew how much more I have to go before I start learning Level 6 stuff.

*ahem, I took a bit of a break…I just want to be finished with level 5 so I can feel good about myself again

It doesn’t update the time until you level up. If you want something more dynamic you need to use the newer version of the site.

The newer site also has many other improvements as well.


Yes, this is the solution. :arrow_up:

@krykket Time on level" doesn’t include time taken to learn the vocab, only time taken to guru the radicals and (most of the) kanji for each level. (it’s like 90% I think :thinking:).


Yep, 90% is the threshold.

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Oh that’s much more helpful!
I’ve been on Lvl 6 for 15 days which seems accurate.
So I’m going to level up in 2 days?

If you keep to that “typical level-up time”, yes. Obviously if you just sit there and don’t do any other lessons or reviews, no.

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Ohh so it is time taken to guru the radicals. Thanks for the help!

It’s the time it takes to guru 90% of your kanji as mentioned above by ekg. Which, of course, also requires you to guru all the radicals.

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