How long per level

Finally reached level 6. It took me 20 days to do level 5. I’m a bit concerned about how long this is taking me. I know that the higher levels are going to be more difficult. Is it going to get to a point where it just takes me 3 months to do one level? :frowning:


I think level 5 has the most vocab items (200+?), and from here until level 50 it averages about 150+ vocab items per level. After that it lessens to about 100-120 per level.

I don’t exactly know how long it takes per level when it’s done the intended way (radicals, kanji, vocab all completed before moving on to the next) as I personally find it very draining. What I’ve always done is cherry-pick the lessons I want to take, which is a balance between next level’s kanji and previous level’s vocab. Yeah I’m backlogged with vocab but I want to be exposed to more kanji at a faster rate to help me with reading so that’s why I’ve done it this way. Something to consider if you feel bogged down with the amount of vocab items.

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I’ve been doing it in the order presented by wk with no reordering, so I can speak to that and will give my personal stats as a point of reference.

You can see from wkstats that there are a total of 9226 items to learn. Using that, it’s pretty easy to calculate how many lessons you need to do a day in order to finish in a given time frame (so long as you don’t exceed the WK time limits, but at 20 days a level, you’re in no danger of that).

For me personally, I knew after the first couple of levels that I wanted to balance the number of daily reviews and how long it takes to complete, so I personally chose to do 14 lessons a day. With that number of daily lessons, it should theoretically take about 9226 / 14 = 659 days and then there are 60 levels, so 659 days / 60 levels ~= 11 days per level. Naturally, the number of items per level is not the same, so there will be a little variance per level, but the average should come out at about that value. Also, for reference, it’s stabilized at roughly 100 reviews per day at this rate, which was my personal goal.

Looking at my level up chart, you can see that the current average is 10 days (due to the faster first two levels) and trending towards 11 days while the median is currently close to 12 days (due to the level 5 having more items and taking 13 days) and also trending down towards 11 days as expected.


Hope that helps!


First round, it took me MONTHS for each level. Got stuck on level 10 for over a year before I reset to level 1 again. Then got stuck on level 6 for a long time. I reset to level 1 again and have been doing a lot better.
I suggest taking advantage of extra study either through the site, or if you have Android, the Smouldering Durtles app has an extra study feature that’s really helpful.
Even now, there’s some things that take awhile to figure out but eventually it clicks then I’m good. The extra studies a couple times a day really helps.
Don’t get discouraged. It takes time to learn. Take your time with new lessons so you don’t get overwhelmed.

You reset from level 60?

No, the highest I’ve been was level 10. Second round I got up to 6. I’m on my third try and just got to level 11 the other day so I’m doing much better lately. But since I’m now in unlearned territory, it’s taking me more time to get through lessons/reviews.

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I realized that I didn’t really directly answer this although I did in a roundabout way by showing how to calculate it.

The answer is that it almost entirely depends on how many lessons per day you do. The number of items per level is roughly the same (pretty much ± 40 items), so if you are consistent with the number of lessons you do per day, the higher levels will not take you substantially longer than the earlier levels. Some will be slightly faster and some slightly longer depending on that variance in the number of items.

So, to recap, in order to calculate the average number of days you can expect a level to take based on a consistent number of lessons per day, you can start by observing that there are \frac{9226 \text{ total lessons}}{60 \text{ levels}} \approx 154 \text{ lessons per level} and using the formula:

\frac{154 \text{ lessons per level}}{x \text{ lessons per day}} \approx \text{number of days per level}

So, if you do 10 lessons per day, you can expect:

\frac{154 \text{ lessons per level}}{10 \text{ lessons per day}} \approx 15.4 \text{ days per level}
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The “WaniKani Estimator” thread by @indutny-wani may be of interest to you. You can set your pace for lessons and reviews and choose whether you have a limit on the number of Apprentice items, and it will give you an estimate of the length of each level.


As long as you are learning, you can’t go too slow. However, if you feel like you want to go faster, you should consider using the lesson picker so that you’re always able to do the radicals instantly after leveling up (and also the kanji after you unlock them). However, you should never skip the vocab lessons, the best use of the lesson picker is to rearrange items, not skip them :wink: (btw you need lessons in your lessons queue to try the lesson picker).

I’m not sure if I already recommened it to you, but it’s definitely worth mentioning it multiple times.

And again, as long as you are actively learning, there is no “too slow” :slight_smile:


Did it take you 20 days because you are doing 10 lessons a day? Or because you skipped days, i.e. did not study some days? Or some other reason? And you are doing WK with what intended goal?


Studied every day. My intended goal is to reach level 60 within two or three years


If you do around 15 lessons a day that should put you on track to finish a level every 12 to 14 days. Though the exact time will vary to some extent. If it’s taking you significantly longer than that to level up, double check that you’re guru’ing all the kanji for your given level.

You need to guru at least 90% of the current level’s kanji before you will level up. If you keep failing more than 10% of the current kanji in your reviews, you’ll be stuck at the same level until you pass them.

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If you are studying every day, and you stay at the same daily pace of lessons, no, the higher levels shouldn’t take longer. At a steady pace of lessons, you will take the longest to level up until you reach level 14. After that, the number of lessons decrease by quite a lot, so if you are taking 20 days to level up at level 5, assuming 10 lessons per day, it should take you 15-18 days to level up after level 14. And about 14 days after level 45 or so.

These numbers assume that you don’t fail too many kanji reviews, as ChatterBox described.