Level 60 in a day or two

I am about a day or two away from reaching level 60. I started my Wanikani journey in January of 2016 so it has taken me a little less than 5 years to get here. That is 5 years of slow but steady progress. Next step is to burn it all and start over from the beginning again. Hopefully I will have everything burned by this time next year.


well done!
but i can’t help thinking: 5 years and no avatar?



Too busy practicing the Kanji…


how about this then?

it’ll fit neatly inside the circle!


Thanks. I will use that.

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Congrats! I hope to reach level 60 as well.

I’m sort of curious about your wkstats level-up graph. I’d appreciate if you’d share it! Only if you want, of course.

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As someone who just started and in similarly no hurry to rush through,
Do you have any advice? Were you consistent in daily reviews with 1-2 lessons per day? Or was it mixed with some spurts here and there?


I tried to be as consistent as possible, however, that did not always work. One thing I did figure out toward the end is how to learn the kanji faster. When I am getting close to the end of a level, about 2 or 3 days out, I go ahead and write down the kanji and radicals for the next level in a notebook. I then carry that notebook around with me and study the upcoming kanji and radicals. When I hit the next level I already know the kanji so I can level up faster. The downside is the faster you level up the more vocab gets put in your queue so it can take longer to get through the reviews. Sometimes my reviews would get up to 700 or 800. Once it almost got to 1000. When that happens I just focus on getting everything down to 0 as quick as possible.


Great advice!
Yes, I really ought to write out each Kanji and certain tricky vocab words. I’ve been playing around with lessons/reviews myself and find that 40-60 apprentices at a time is what keeps me sane. I figure it will take me about 3 - 4 years to complete and reach 60 at this rate, which is fine as long as I can retain all I’ve learned along the way.

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I first assumed that the title referred to reaching level 60 from level 1 in one of two days LOL


I don’t advise, but don’t let your dreams be merely dreams.


As soon as you guys figure out how to beam knowledge directly into your brains, please contact me.


Elon Musk would like a word with you.

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As if I would ever implant something into my head that was made by someone like Elon Musk


How do you look up stats? I’m a noobie.

This should give you the statistics information.
You may need API token from Wanikani website to get the data though

Thanks! yup. i’m a slow learner so far. lol.

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