So what happens if you've almost finished progressing through a level

…and the last few kanji that are left are very difficult to memorize? Doesn’t this result in not having many apprentice cards to study? For example, if there are only a few kanji left in apprentice stage, then I’m basically relying on either A) to finally get those last few cards to the GURU stage, or B) finally getting some guru cards to the Enlightened stage so I can see them again. Either way, it seems like someone could stall for a long time near the end of a level because they don’t have enough apprentice cards to study and they have to wait for quite awhile to try them again. Is this a correct assumption to make, or does the system work differently? I can see myself stuck at 90% progress for a couple weeks because I can’t upgrade those last couple stubborn kanji…

Well, that’s the reason you only need to get 90% of the kanji to guru stage to pass a level. If you’re having trouble with more than that you could probably use the extra time to reinforce the troublesome ones. If it’s really holding you back because of a batch of kanji you just can’t get right you could cheat them up to guru (by looking up the answer) and then letting them fail after you level. I wouldn’t recommend doing that on a regular basis though.

I didn’t even know it was only 90% to pass. I actually thought it was 100%!
Thank you!

You’re welcome. If you hover over the progress bar it will tell you exactly how many kanji you need to pass to complete the level. Also I recommend checking out this guide if you haven’t seen it yet. It contains a lot of useful information and great advice to help you on your journey of learning.


It goes Guru to Master to Enlightened. After a couple levels you’ll have items from pretty much every stage coming in every day, so you won’t have any 0 review days, unless you stop lessons for more than a month or so (after doing all the lessons on level 60, or if you just need a break from lessons, but still continue your reviews).


If you miss a few Kanji it’ll only take a couple days to Guru them from that point.

And don’t worry, like @Saida said, you may have “No Lesson” days but you won’t have “No Review” days for a very long time. :wink:

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