So Sakurai made a youtube channel on game design

My other thread about the Japanese Kurzgesagt youtube channel was decently popular, so let’s do another one.

A week or so ago, Masahiro Sakurai created a youtube channel, talking about game design, both from a broad and a very narrow perspective. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s the director behind quite a few Nintendo first-party titles, mainly Kirby and Smash Bros.

He’s making short (usually < 5 minute) videos talking about game design. If you’re familiar with channels, such as GMTK, Adam Millard, or similar, the videos are sort of like that, maybe a bit less refined as of now.

He has 2 channels, one in Japanese with Japanese subtitles (baked in, kinda lame), and one with the same Japanese audio, but with English subtitles (also baked in, even lamer).
Japanese channel:
English channel:
The english channel also has the youtube style Japanese subtitles if you really need both in the same place for some reason.

Looking at the videos, the language seems fairly simple, he’s using less kanji in the subtitles than Kurzgesagt was I’m pretty sure. The text is similarly in formal Japanese as well. His speech sounds a bit unnatural (probably not used to reading off of a teleprompter yet), but he speaks very clearly.

All in all, if someone’s interested in game design, it’s a worthwhile watch. He’s been at it for 9 days and he has 8 videos.


I’ve been meaning to watch them, I absolutely love game design videos, but I’ve been putting them off. Usually I have those kinds of videos just playing in the back as I do other stuff, but my Japanese is definitely not good enough to do that, and nowdays I just kind of feel like I’m cheating if I watch something in Japanese with English subtitles. I’d guess the vocab in the vids is quite advanced too considering the subject matter, but then again since it is a subject that I actually am interested in I guess it would be good for me to know anyways. Huh…
Thanks for mentioning the fact he has Japanese subs on the other channel! I might actually go through the videos there more in depth, I mean then I can learn about game design while ALSO learning Japanese


It’s mostly foreign katakana words actually. Most words are not difficult

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Oh that actually helps quite a bit, and now that I think about it it makes a whole lot of sense as well considering the fact that the game industry basically runs on English

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