So no one was going to tell me about GLOSS?

Y’all. Am I just out of the loop? How have I never heard of this before? It’s got levels? It’s got the reading and audio and an english translation?

I’m excited. Have you guys used this before? What were your thoughts?


Might help if you explained what it is. I’m clearly more out of the loop than you since I’ve never heard of this.


SORRY THATS FAIR. I’m bad at explaining things when I’m excited and I’m very distractable. I also only just found this. My bad tho.

GLOSS stands for Global Language Online Support System. When you go on the website you can filter for Japanese (it has a bunch of other languages) to find resources to practice reading and listening. You can filter by difficulty level which is the main thing I’m excited about. There’s definitely other resources like this but this one is free and easy to navigate which is a plus for me (again tho maybe everyone else just has better stuff and I’m out of the loop lol).

The website is really easy to navigate so even if you just spent like 2 minutes its probably worth looking for youself. If only because that’s probably better than my explanation.

Sorry again and I hope that made sense! thanks for calling me out haha I can use that sort of reminder.


levi-athan, I hadn’t heard of GLOSS. I’ve been using it for a couple of days now and I like it. I’ve been doing reading practice with it; I like using it and seeing how much I can figure out, even though I can’t read everything. I think it’s a pretty neat tool for reinforcing and supplementing what I’m doing with WK, Satori Reader, etc., so thanks for mentioning it.

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I’m glad someone else finds it useful <3 <3

ooh adding this to my bookmarked pages lol

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