Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone tried wasabi-jpn.com ?

And their read aloud method : https://www.wasabi-jpn.com/japanese-lessons/japanese-lessons-how-to-proceed-with-read-aloud-method/

Or their instantaneous method for grammar : https://www.wasabi-jpn.com/japanese-lessons/japanese-grammar-with-instantaneous-composition-method/

And of course did it work for you?


Excuse me up にします

Re the shadowing material:
I am currently reading the article about it and it looks good. I am using the ‘Shadowing’ (green) book at the moment (you can find it on white rabbit press) and finding that useful but will come back and look at this afterwards. I am finding shadowing is improving both my listening and speaking, my mouth muscles are getting more used to Japanese (if that makes sense). It is also improving my confidence steadily with speaking.

I can’t comment about anything else on the website though as i’ve not used it but it certainly looks interesting :slight_smile:

follow up: using the instantaneous grammar, utterly love it! thanks for telling us about it

Curious… what do you mean by “instantaneous grammar”?

In general, I mostly try to read aloud for now… as I’m better at recognizing things when I hear them than read them so far.

they give you sentences in English and you have to translate it into Japanese in less than 3seconds, the idea is to be able to repeat the same grammar point over and over again until you can use them without thinking and thus improve your speaking skills. it is free as well!

OH! Interesting!

I’ll have to check that out then, for sure.

Today is the first I’ve heard of this website, so yeah. Cool. Thanks!

Thanks for your reply!
i was hoping to find someone who worked with this method for a bit, unfortunately it’s seems no one has donne this before

just an update to say that my grammar really improved!

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Oh, I’m very interested on reading more about your experience.
I have read the explanation of the system and is seems very unique and interesting.

I am currently at N3 level and this year will go for N2, however, my speaking abilities are very low… N5 level :stuck_out_tongue:

Has this system helped you in your conversation? What would you say are the best things you have found after these months.

i am so sorry! i just saw this post! my grammar and sentence structures have really improved, i don’t take too much time anymore to “spit” a sentence when before i was always thinking for too long : does this particule comes here? is this tense correct? where do i put this adverb?..and so on you should give it a try!

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