So i resubbed after 3 years

1800 reviews :sunny:

started on hacking away.
can read many vocab items, but failing their kanji.
completely forgot the radicals.

pray for me :smile:


Welcome back! Good luck hacking away at those reviews. But hey, those terms you’re getting wrong are just gonna pop up again later and your brain will slowly remember them.

You can do it!


yes, not gonna lose to puny kanji! :smile:






Came back after over 2 and a half years so I feel your pain! 頑張って下さい!


thanks, glad to see others walked this way before and recovered :wink: i did 500 items, am at a bit over 50% success, and tired. but i’ll just keep going till i can see light at the end of the tunnel.


i got sick and ended up hospital unexpectedly. by the time i was feeling up to studying again, i was up to 3k items needing reviewed. after about a month i’ve whittled that down to only 400ish left that i’ve not reviewed yet (been spacing them out so as to not get too overwhelmed with reviews).


you’re doing great. it’s definitely somewhat of a hammer
to the face, logging in to 4-digit reviews. then again, at least it’s not boring for a while, hehe.


did 900 today. tired. gonna work on the others tomorrow.
i burned my 2000th turtle today, all hope is not lost yet.


A well deserved burn :smiley:

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We all pray with you! May the Great Crabigator bless us all!

You’ll get through it for sure! 頑張ってください!

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thanks :slight_smile: i think i’ll resurrect a few of those burns. there’s some i’m not 100% sure about, better to err on the safe side :slight_smile:

Wondering if you want to wait to resurrect until after reviews are under control? Just so you don’t end up working against yourself. :slight_smile:

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yeah, i’ll do it once the zombies are laid to rest. 1300 down, 509 to go. i’ll have a few hundred to return and bite me, but it’s not as bad as expected.

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Why not just restart?

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SRS already accounts for the things you have forgotten, and you would have to wait through levels to get the items back again, so pushing through reviews can sometimes be the best way to move forward after a break. I only reset because I felt like I had forgotten everything.


i did indeed restart on a new account and it took me 2 months to get to lvl 9. i assumed i’d remember a buttload more and decided to test it out, reactivated my old account, and here i am.
assuming it takes me a month to get it sorted, that would be lvl 13 on my old account, still 11 levels difference.

so i’m now at 280 left, means i did a bit over 1500 today. this marathon review refreshed a lot of memories. i do have quite some items left that i had no idea whatsoever, some i think i can learn quickly, and some i missed only the first time.

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Well done, you’ve really whittled down those lessons!

And any item you burn after three years… well, it’s definitely well and truly burned. How much burnt can it be?? You remembered it after three years!

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i had roughly 1500 burned items, now it’s 2500. of those old burned, a handful might cause trouble when i encounter them in the wild. for some of the new burned, the same principle applies: in such a session, you’ll see 望む、希望、望、and if you fail for example 望む, you’re alert and pay extra attention when 希望 comes up - end 望 is then no stretch anymore.

in some cases, this repeated exposure was enough of a lesson to revive old memories, but some kanji i now buried were a little shaky.

maybe i don’t understand the burn manager script properly. do i have to un-burn whole levels, or can i select only the problem children? or is there a better way to practice them?