So I restarted. Again

Re-read your sentence out of WK context :slight_smile:


Ha ha got it! :sweat_smile:

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you could do 10 levels, then stop lessons and resurrect vocab from X lvls ago, one at a time, move on when they’re at guru, re-burn the ones you’re 100% confident with. doing 10 levels worth of vocab this way will refresh your knowledge, and you’ll find out if there’s stuff you forgot and need to relearn.

there’s a script for bulk resurrections, forgot it’s name, but it’s very useful. resurrected items will be in your study queue, just sort by vocab first for lessons, via Reorder. this way, you won’t see new stuff before your relearn project is finished.

the fact that you can re-burn items easily makes it a breeze - only run items normally through the system if you forgot them. no fear of giant review sessions because of 150 new vocab every 3 days.

why unburn vocab, not kanji?
if you test yourself on kanji, the result will be binary: right or wrong.
if you test yourself on vocab, you might be able to read it, but see you’re not sure what one of the kanji means… if you then look it up, that might have just been the little push it needed to wake up again.


I have used that resurrection script. It worked but I found it cumbersome. I imagine it would be a good tool when you’re level 60 and you want a refresher on some items but don’t want to redo the whole thing.

I hesitated before resetting, I feared I would spend too much time on stuff I knew. So I did a self test going back, lesson 20, lesson 15, lesson 10… :cold_sweat:

I finally chose a reset over doing 1000+ reviews because re-learning the “right” way (radical → kanji → vocab) seems easier to me than:

  • Entering a wrong meaning
  • Getting the meaning explanation and not recognize the radical anyway
    (so maybe unburn the radical?)
  • Entering a wrong reading
  • Getting the reading explanation refering to a “previous” item long lost to me.

As you say, some vocabs just need a little push, I actually spend very little time on them, I don’t even read the explanations, just rush to the quiz and be done with them.

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