So about vacation mode

so about 3 months ago I went into vacation mode with 700 reviews (was drowning in schoolwork), and I was just passing by the other day, only to see that I have 1777 now… I instantly knew why this happened though, I did not sign out from the wanikani phone app (Tsurukame)… I never expected that it would affect anything however… I’m soo mad right now, I was thinking about coming back to start chipping the reviews down but its become so huge that I’m lacking the motivation to do it :disappointed_relieved: I’m thinking about leaving it until I finish this school year, since its my last year of high school and its really decisive especially where I’m living. and go a few levels back. I know its not clear what the point of this post is, but I just wanted to share this with you all :confused:

what would YOU do? I’d love to know :slight_smile:

So long as I was feeling like I could remember most of the stuff, I would just start chipping away – maybe 100 a day or something. That should start cutting down the reviews a lot, although I may end up needing to increase that number based on how I do in those reviews.

I’m a noobie and haven’t experienced that before, though. I haven’t really been drowning in work before, either, at least not at the level where it was affecting other aspects of my life, so maybe after an ordeal like that my motivation would be empty.

I’m thinking, why not keep doing a small number of reviews every day? Not hundreds, but just 10 or 20 if you wanted. The reorder script should help with this so you keep within the same rough set of items, meaning you’ll be progressing on those and slowly lowering your workload. Better slow progress than no progress!


Where did you see the 1777 reviews? On the website or on Tsurukame?

on the website, but before I turn off vacation mode… I just turned it off and my reviews went back to 688 :DDD I dont know what kind of bug this is but Im overjoyed that it wasn’t real :smiley: ill delete this post now i guess

I’m very glad your review pile wasn’t really as high as you first thought. But I just wanted to say, that I recently went on vacation without turning on vacation mode, and it ended up being
I did manage to beat that back down to zero with a lot of hard work, so it is possible. But if I were in an important year of high school, I’d prioritize actual school.

WK will be here next year and the year after, and there’s no shame in resetting.

Good luck and hopefully you can defeat that 688 without sacrificing school.

TL;DR Stay in school, kids. Don’t do WaniKani!


Are you using the Real Numbers script? I reported a bug with data from WaniKani that Real Numbers was using that had the wrong information.

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wow thats amazing !! thanks, yeah, Ill probably start working on it, I just finished a 100 actually : P


yeah, I am using it

Okay thanks. I’ll follow up with the devs.

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Went on a four-day vacation mode and when I went back online, my usual early morning tsunami of reviews had thundered ashore tat midnight with the shorter waves coming while I was asleep. I wrote to the “hello” people, and they advised SRS would eventually straighten things out.
Anyone have a similar experience or advice?

I’ve done this intentionally before, and it usually self-corrects within a few weeks. If you want to avoid this in the future you’ll need to note what time of day you enable vacation mode and disable it at the same time of day.

Thank you. Am about a week into level 14. Do you know what would happen if I reset to beginning of 14?

I believe it’ll be as if you just started level 14. That is, all level 14 items would go back to lesson status.

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