So I had exams

So I had some university exams this past week and the week before and decided to hold off on the WaniKani while I stuffed my brain with quantum mechanics and electromagnetism. I have chipped away at it since exams ended, but these are still 800 reviews this morning. I had no idea I was doing so many reviews a day! At Level 22 (well basically about to be 23), I must be doing around 250+ reviews a day! This might be small compared to some higher levels, but I think it is really cool.

Now that exams are over and my internships dont start yet, I can dedicate alot more time to Japanese! I am going for a level every 9 days challenge.

For anyone going through the same set of challenges, know that its not just you who woke up and saw 800 reviews to do xD

*NOTE: I normally do all my reviews each day, so I have never had this many reviews to wake up to ever


I had exams in November of last year, rather than stop doing reviews, I just stopped the lessons, because I didn’t want to risk what you’re going through now.

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Maybe vacation mode would have been helpful (maybe for the next time). Anyway, go for it!


The problem with vacation mode is that it makes you forget your learned items more easily. Even if you have 800 reviews piled up, no one is forcing you to do them right away, but they are waiting there when you feel like doing them. Even if you use vacation mode, the same reviews will come but a bit later and when they finally do, there’s a larger possibility you already forgot those things because more time has passed than optimal for the SRS to work.

I think vacation mode would have helped here.

Especially as outlined in @jprspereira ’s guide where you stop lessons at least 4-5 days (ideally a week) before you turn it on so that you can clear out your apprentice queue.

Not really, especially if you clear out apprentice since Guru2 and up have intervals of weeks and months anyway.

Here’s what the interval increase looks like for a two week vacation (from the aforementioned guide):


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