Small bug with 4000

I see that 4000 isn’t working as a correct answer and you can only put it in as a word.

Not a bug so much as a forgivable omission. Once you’ve got it out of lessons, you can add “4000” (or anything else, for that matter) as a user synonym, if you prefer to type numbers that way.


(Oh, also: Welcome to the forums! I’m sure a more qualified welcome committee will be around shortly. Right, @Kumirei?)


Historically they haven’t included numerals because the system does fuzzy spell checking and things like 3000 or 4001 are both only one incorrect digit away from 4000, so they would be accepted.

Sure, there is some programmatic fix that could be implemented, but that was the reason for it.


We added numeral support a while back. Something else is going on here. Might be a regression on our part or there is something else in the input we aren’t seeing from the screenshot.

Did this happen in lessons or reviews?


The screenshot looks like a lesson (no synonym entry, missing toolbar button for recent reviews).

I see. Possible regression then. Will review it tomorrow since it is getting late now.


Thanks! Glad to be here

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