Sky: Children of the Light (In Japanese)

I am going to be posting grammar questions I have here as I find more to read throughout the game. Anyone who is also doing the same is free to post questions as well. Also if you want to try playing it, it is free on the app store and on android, and on something else (maybe switch)?


Hi there, turns out neko atsume, once you pass the tutorial, besides the items ._. …, doesn’t have to much to translate, so I decided to start another game (I mean I’ve been playing this one for a while but I just switched it to Japanese), and this is that game. I am still playing neko atsume but there isn’t too much I need to ask about, I still will post questions when I find them though. I am making one thread now because last time I made 5 threads before sticking to one…

And here is my first question

Context: I am about to cast this spell that spawns a rainbow


My translation:
The rainbow will appear in the world


  1. What does かける mean in this context?
  2. How do I fix the translation?
  3. Is 虹をかける how you say a rainbow is there…?

Note: I kinda realized that this…has a lot of stuff I need help translating, so I am off to make a thread for the game I have been planning on playing after neko atsume.

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かける sorta means to make in this context.

To help you understand that, consider the phrase 橋をかける.

Certain bridges kinda look like rainbows and that phrase means to build a bridge.

So 虹をかける is like “to build a rainbow” or “create a rainbow”. When you think about it, it kinda makes sense that bridge and rainbow use the same verb since they are like an arch connected to the ground at two points.

Anyways, that whole verb phrase is describing the 魔法. When you put a verb in plain or past form in front of a noun, it describes it. So in this case, its magic that creates a rainbow.

Now again in the cases of bridges, the に tells you what you’re building a bridge over. 川に橋をかける, for example. Same thing here, but now apply that to the word we are using instead, 世界.

Putting it all together “(It) is magic that creates a rainbow over the world.”


Thank you you so much

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