Help with ノーゲームノーライフ sentence

Hey everyone. Decided to descend into the world of light novels to improve my reading, so I started with No Game No Life, a series I’m only vaguely familiar with. I figure it’d make for a decent challenge since I don’t have any visuals or audio to help me out. I already found a passage that I’m not familiar with on the very first page!


Now then, what I think it’s saying is that “from the world are whispers delivered to many stars. They are a kind of wish.” I think what’s throwing me off a bit is the usage of 囁かれるwhich I know is passive, but I’m not sure if it’s referring to 世 or 星の数. Any help will be appreciated!

Also, jee whiz there’s a bunch of naughty pictures right in the beginning of this book. So perverted! :slight_smile:

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This is a complete phrase that modifies the noun 星.

I’d go with something like (rearranging for clarity):

Things like wishes delivered to the worlds whispered of by countless stars.

Although I’m not 100% sure :wink:


Since it’s a verb that’s directly connecting to a noun without anything to properly connect them (て form, particle, etc.). Then it has to be modifying the noun, in this case the entire phrase is modifying 星.

I’ll point you to this for a better understanding of the receptive(passive) form.

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Actually, both 世に囁かれる and 星の数にも届く modify それら.
There are more details on stackexchange:

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Would mean roughly something like “There are as many X as there are stars”, but you could just avoid the star thing and translate it as “there are countless X”. I’ve seen 星の数 used in one way or another to describe things that are countless so I guess it’s a common phrase.

So back to the full phrase: 世に囁かれる星の数にも届くそれらは、一種の『願望』である。

I would translate it as something like: “Those countless things that the world whispers are a type of wish”.

Damn, that sounds pretty bad, it must be hard being a translator…

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