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Hi, so I realise this doesn’t quite fit into the educational format this site has been built with but I just want to point out the elephant in the room. Wanikani has been tremendously useful in aiding me in my studies of Japanese. The amount of vocabulary included in the course allows me to learn Kanji at a higher pace and also helps me see how to construct words. Despite being low level still, I am already starting to spot some patterns. This wouldn’t have been possible without daily practice and Wanikani succeeds at making this an enjoyable experience rather than a chore. I definitely learned Kanji thanks to Wanikani rather than my class textbook.
One thing that became obvious very quickly is despite being able to recognise kanji and read them, I am struggling to write them, especially if I am trying to translate from English. On Wanikani you always start with a character but when writing, unless you are copying something, you start with pronunciation or word in a different language.

I feel like Wanikani can create a different SRS stream which will display a word in English and/or pronounce the word already learned in standard Wanikani set, and user needs to trace the characters by hand.

This would complete the kanji experience and cover all bases.

Would love to see something like this and would even consider paying extra.

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Reverse learning can be done using Kaniwani or Kamesame, but that does not have any writing capabilities. But maybe that already kind of helps with the problem though :sweat_smile:


Pretty sure they’ve got plenty other priorities they’d rather work on :man_shrugging:
There’s quite a few options available already, I’d say the most common payed one being skritter.
Also the dozens of Anki Decks that you could use with pen and paper, or with the scratchpad available in Anki if you happen to have an iOs device.
You could even export the WaniKani Items and create one on your own with https://wanikanitoanki.com/

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You can use them with writing input instead of typing

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Well don’t I look like a fool

EDIT: I still can’t really find out how to turn that on though

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On your phone you can install handwriting input. On your computer/laptop you can also do that, but it is more of a pain using your touchpad. Mouse should be reasonably doable. You still get suggestions, though

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I don’t know if it is what you had in mind, but if writing is your objective you might just write, no SRS or fancy apps needed for that.

You can check this website aimed at people practicing calligraphy, it has a ぺん字 section (pen writing).
With monthly updates and drills aimed at different ages, I’m shure you can find the right level for you.

Here are this month drills , then the archive fot the last year and lastly here you can download the pdfs for printing your own paper with the correct guides for each level (black squares under the images about the needed tools).

Now there. Buy yourself a nice fude pen if you feel like spending some extra :wink: .


You always know the best resources for writing practice :smiley: thanks for the link, those look perfect for my post new year studies!


I was so thrilled the day I found out about this one actually, is a gold mine for self-learners. The 毛筆 (brush) section even has videos and then there’re those annotations in red on the sheets with all the corrections that typically you would get from your sensei at a proper Shodo class. :star_struck:

Hours of Shodo related searches on Youtube led me to this website, some other gems have come alongside as Youtube channels to follow. Still looking for the analog of WK Community in terms of Shodo fans … :sweat_smile:


Wow! They really do have all levels!

Site navigation tips

(anyone can look this stuff up on jisho.org, but why not have it all in one handy place :wink: )

対象 = target (WK level 24!)
高校生・一般 = high-schoolers/general
中学生 = middle schoolers
小学6年生 = 6th graders (elementary school)
年長 = kindergarten

Writing style
楷書 = standard style
行書 = running script (semi-cursive)
毛筆 = brush
硬筆 = pen or pencil

It bothers me to be copying writing when I don’t know what it says, so would anyone mind checking my translation for the October 小学二年生 page?


I write in my journal what I notice about the animals I see.


Oh awesome! That’s good to know. I’ll give it a shot.

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I think it’s more like “I look at the animals and write down what I notice in the journal” to me, but it’s pretty close.

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Very cool! time to get a 6B pencil :grin:

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When I do my KaniWani reviews, first I actually write down the answer using pen and paper (I keep a cheap square grid notebook beside the computer), or I just “draw the kanji in the air” if I’m doing reviews on the go and don’t have pen and paper with me, and then I type the answer.


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