Simple Japanese trans check

trying to post this but wanna make sure it is correct ^^; doesn’t have to be exact just correct and mean similar

At last my year and a half in Japan is done, worked at Konbini and a bar and for sure some ups and downs. Now which country to go to next! hmm

日本に一年半ぐらい住んでいましたけども開ります、コンビニとバル働きました。まー浮き沈みじゃとコスタみたい. 今回が次の句にどこ行くかなー

There are some things you can clean up with a proofread and dictionary check. Then we’ll check again. I think it’s good practice to catch those yourself first.

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LEEBO I have been thinking of you lol. was gonna make a thread called Leebo too but since your here. did you also reset? i thought you were ?60?

Yeah, it was something on a whim just to say I was 06 instead of 60 (it was specific to that topic), but I don’t mind doing reviews again.

ahh I see cause i remember seeing you from way before. Also did not realize I had so many mistakes LoL. how is this one?

日本に一年半ぐらい住んでいましたけどもバンクーバーに帰ります、コンビニとバルが働きました。まー浮き沈みジェットコースターみたい. 今回が次の国にどこ行くかなー

Still not quite right.

Sorry to highjack this but i have some questions. How did you stay in Japan for 1 1/2 years? What kind of visa is that? And how did you score that conbini job? What did you have to do at the conbini?

I kind of know where is wrong but no matter how I change the particle I can not get it just right :\
writing so much harder then speaking haha

easy working holiday visa and two tourist visas and if u time it right u could even stay longer. As for Konbini How to get a job at a Japanese Konbini - YouTube

Yes it is my shitty video

I think this is better.

Ooh I like the changes but

よい時や辛い時もありましたが wouldn’t this be a bit better or dont need the 間 part よい時や辛い時間もありましたが

時間 is a specific amount of time.
時 is “times”
So, “there were good times and bad times”

What you wrote was “there were good times and a bad hour”

In this case, its とき not じ。
You cover that on Level 6 or 7 I think.

Lol my bad ^^; I really should have started my writing and reading practices wayy before hand… was oo focused on listening and speaking :confused:

Thanks for the help!

けど - this is fine, but が is more polite and pairs better with ます form.
も - you missed the う
が - が signifies what is performing the action, で is where the action is performed
まー浮き沈みジェットコースターみたい - Simple is better.
が - 今回 does not require a particle
行くかなー - while this is acceptable, volitional sounds better I think.

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