Sickness and vacation mode

I have a infection in my dominant arm, that makes typing slow. :sweat_smile: Combined with some sleepiness from medication’s I can only do about 20-40 reviews a day, and only 75 % look’s to be right. Should I take vacation mode on, or is it better to do a little every day even when I am not at a :100:% mentaly?

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You can also look into the Anki script. :slight_smile: That way you eliminate typing, basically. You might be able to do the mouse clicks with your other hand as well.

If you have an Android phone, you can also use Anki mode there.

With certain reorder scripts, you can also prioritise doing reviews that are at a low SRS stage. For those items, reviewing them a few days or even a few hours later can hurt retention, so if you only do a few a day, it might behove you to focus on those, to keep cementing them. An item that is going from Master to Enlightened isn’t as harmed by a few days of delay.

As frustrating as it can, do prioritise your health, of course!

And if you use vacation mode: it does mess with the SRS, so just be mentally braced to have a bit of a rough re-entry when you go back to reviewing. That has been my experience the two times I used it, at least. It can feel like you know nothing for a while, but keep at it, and it all smooths back out.

I hope you’ll feel better very soon!

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Thanks, that script looks super useful right now! Might try to only do the apprentice items, even if I can’t do them all.

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Before I answer your question.
Question: Can you use a computer? Or are you doing it on your phone? If phone, what phone are you using?

I prefer to use a pc, but I also do some reviews on my android :slightly_smiling_face:

I think my reorder script would be appropriate for this use case. It’s a little “smarter” than just prioritizing low SRS items.


Ok, so my tips are, when you can do it on pc, you can do it with reorder ultimate 2, by focusing from lower levels. This is what I do when I can only do review once a day for 1 item. I highly recommend Flaming Durtle. We can set doing reviews by sibling, or cover to cover, my favorite is reading first, then meaning. But it’s just my personal preference. Another preference, you could use seanblue’s userscript the overdue one. So you focus on overdue first. And also, you can stop doing lessons. Until you’re better.


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