Moderate vacation mode?

So as we all know it can be pretty easy for reviews to pile up to high numbers when life gets a little busy or when you’re just not feeling it. Right now the only option I know of to slow down reviews without stopping lessons is vacation mode. However, that is a complete stop and risks you forgetting most of your kanji if you use it for a long time. I wonder how well a moderate vacation mode would work, one that just has your review slow down so when you are on vacation or having a busy week you can still do wanikani just at a slower pace without having to worry about a pile of reviews waiting when you have more free time


That would be great for me as one of the slow goers here.

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Good idea!

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Definitely a solid concept, though obviously implementation is always something else entirely. I’m in law school now and during the current finals period I have to go on vacation before bed every night because I just can’t afford to wake up to 150 reviews. Unfortunately, when I wake up, I then have to wait for more reviews to pop up. It would be great to wake up to 30-50 each morning rather than having to choose between 0 and 100, but the new counter on the front page is a massive help.

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I have managed to achieve something similar (50 max during lunch, around 80-100 at night) by micro-managing the amount of “Apprentice items” and ALWAYS doing them at the same time.

But believe me that I would be very glad if I could just define how many I want to review each day (50 on a busy day, 100 -130 on a regular day, etc.)

Anki does this, you can set up a max of reviews per day. Its fantastic.


You don’t have to do all of the reviews as they come up, of course. You can let some of them rest. If you need some control over which (SRS) levels you’re reviewing, use the reorder script, and quit part of the way through sessions.
I don’t think there’s a right way to approach what you’re asking, either - the number of reviews you get in a day is entirely defined by (a) the SRS intervals, and (b) your lesson/review history. Without fiddling with (a), the only way to minimise reviews is to minimise lessons.

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